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Not sure I'm connected....? Answered

Hi bekathwia. Everything seemed to install nicely even though Windows screens appear to be a little different than Mac screens but not enough to cause confusion. My problem is that when I download the sketch this is what I get:

WiFi connected

IP address:

connecting to (or google.com - makes no difference)

closing connection

wait 5 sec...

connecting to (this is my router IP address)

closing connection

wait 5 sec....

This continues ad infinitum. I don't know what the connection status is. My cell phone "sees" the Huzzah board as ESP_3ADAB5.

Can you explain???



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jtsliker (author)2017-10-16

I think I answered my own question. The response I received is correct, even though the lesson did not say what the response should be. The logic in the sketch just loops ad infinitum for some reason.

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bekathwia (author)jtsliker2017-10-18

Sorry for the confusion! I'll make a note to clarify the language to specify what the response should be on my next round of edits. Thank you!

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