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Not that I'm being competetive, but... Answered

... Jessyratfink currently has 254 subscribers and, purely coincidentally, so do I.  But Eric only has 202!!

So, I was wondering, does anybody have more?

Do the K'NEXers all subscribe to each other?

Is there a way of sorting members by subscribers?

Update: I now have 261, Jessy has 266 and Eric has 211.  (Well done, Jessy!)

(Come on, people, Subscribe to The Man - he made this place!)


Scoochmaroo beats all of you with 585.

Feel the burn.

Whoa.  So she's more interesting than Kiteman and Jessy combined.  Who would have guessed :-)

 Goodhart only has 56? Tomfoolery!

I do a lot of posting, but I haven't had a lot of time for Ibles  :-)   But I am going to try to change that very soon (well, soon - maybe not VERY soon ;-) 

It's back on Kiteman! Rachel helped me get around the block. I'll finish writing the script today or tomorrow, we will need a list of members to get the stats for.... any ideas who you want in instructables top trumps? :p

Start with the team on the "about" page, then go for the "usual suspects".

Wednesday 11/11/2009 @ 22:35
Instructables: 123
Forum Topics: 444
Comments: 4322
Orangeboard: 1200
Subscribers: 214
Questions: 9
Answers: 84
Best Answers: 11

Instructables: 107
Forum Topics: 182
Comments: 3160
Orangeboard: 14
Subscribers: 91
Questions: 2
Answers: 108
Best Answers: 11

fungus amungus
Instructables: 89
Forum Topics: 669
Comments: 2924
Orangeboard: 140
Subscribers: 453
Questions: 1
Answers: 24
Best Answers: 5

Instructables: 40
Forum Topics: 49
Comments: 541
Orangeboard: 66
Subscribers: 76
Questions: 4
Answers: 13
Best Answers: 1

Instructables: 20
Forum Topics: 15
Comments: 438
Orangeboard: 27
Subscribers: 42
Questions: 3
Answers: 9
Best Answers: 2

Instructables: 17
Forum Topics: 25
Comments: 532
Orangeboard: 18
Subscribers: 19
Questions: 1
Answers: 21
Best Answers: 3

Instructables: 93
Forum Topics: 101
Comments: 1692
Orangeboard: 37
Subscribers: 181
Questions: 5
Answers: 97
Best Answers: 15

Instructables: 114
Forum Topics: 52
Comments: 1332
Orangeboard: 47
Subscribers: 324
Questions: 1
Answers: 14
Best Answers: 3

Instructables: 90
Forum Topics: 62
Comments: 788
Orangeboard: 33
Subscribers: 608
Questions: 4
Answers: 47

Kiteman: My information gathering for top trumps has been thwarted :(

When I visit a page on instructables with the Perl module that lets you download page sources, the only thing it downloads is this:

<html><body><h1>403 Forbidden</h1>
Request forbidden by administrative rules.

Me thinks they've done something clever to stop people crawling the site and stealing lots of stuff? Perhaps? Though it's similar to the 403 bug you reported in the bugs forums. I shall ask Rachel next time I see her on mIRC.

P.S. I was so excited when I'd finished writing the script that'd gather all the statistics :( Took me AGES to debug why it wasn't working :(  *sniffle*

Could that be because you weren't logged in? Try checking the sources manually while you are logged in...

You don't need to be logged in to view the home page. I tried it with that after it wouldn't let me access people's profiles, you don't need to be logged in for those either:


so on the topic of subscribes is there a way to UNsubscribe? i subed kiteman and eric but then eric started doing ibles on nothing i want to see an ible on........

Go to your subscribed list, there should be a small cross next to each name - click that to unsubscribe.

:O cannot believe i hadn't subscribed to eric !!<br /> <br /> <h3 style="color: Red;"><strong>STATISTICS COMPETITION !!!</strong></h3> <p>Instructables: <b>36</b><br /> Forum Topics: <b>47</b><br /> Comments: <b>3,464</b><br /> Favorites: <b>37</b><br /> Groups: <b>15</b><br /> Orangeboard: <b>130</b><br /> Subscribers: <b>191</b><br /> Questions: <b>4</b><br /> Answers: <b>70</b><br /> Best Answers: <b>3</b></p> <br />

Not that I'm being competitive either, but...<br /> <h3 style="color: Red;">STATISTICS COMPETITION!!</h3> <p>Instructables: <b>18</b><br /> Forum Topics: <b>43</b><br /> Comments: <b>2,028</b><br /> Favorites: <b>170</b><br /> Groups: <b>58</b><br /> Orangeboard: <b>61</b><br /> Subscribers: <b>38</b><br /> Questions: <b>1</b><br /> Answers: <b>40</b><br /> Best Answers: <b>6</b></p> <br /> <h3 style="color: Red;"> </h3>

Darn pro text.... Anyways, marvel at my 1337 comment counter and orangeboard!

Instructables: 20
Forum Topics: 124
Comments: 12,411
Favorites: 146
Groups: 112
Orangeboard: 1,807
Subscribers: 133
Questions: 15
Answers: 543
Best Answers: 13

But the most important statistics that count are the second and third ones below...

Instructables: 47
Instructables or Instructables Robot themed Instructables: 22
Kiteman cameo appearances in instructables: 6 billion
Forum Topics: 5
Comments: 3,191
Groups: 7
Orangeboard: 83
Subscribers: 51
Answers: 236
Best Answers: 23

<h3 style="color: Red;">STATISTICS COMPETITION</h3> <br /> Instructables: <strong>14</strong><br /> Forum Topics: <strong>23</strong><br /> Comments: <strong>2,024</strong> received, <strong>2,212</strong> made<br /> Groups: <strong>9<br /> </strong>Orangeboard: <strong>8</strong><br /> Subscribers: <strong>61</strong><br /> Answers: <strong>25</strong><br /> Best answers: <strong>2</strong><br /> <br /> A few of the chatroom regulars went through our pageview stats a while ago, now that's something I'd like a crawler script to do. Wouldn't be too hard...<br /> <br />

'STATISTICS COMPETITION!!!<br /> <br /> Instructables: 20<br /> Forum Topics: 79<br /> Orangeboard: 538<br /> Subscribers: 46<br /> Answers: 60<br /> Best Answers: 30<br /> Comments (made): 7000+<br /> Comments (received): 5826<br /> <br /> Hours in chatroom: Priceless!!... Which means more then most people should<br />

You only have 10 comments according to your stats.

You know as well as I do how comments get wiped

And that's why you stick with your original username.  So your blank comment counter can't be used against you.

*cough* Pot calling the kettle black?

what was DJ's original username ?

Hahaha yea, there is no chatroom counter !!!

 I bet there's gotta be a way in IRC to track active time...


Instructables: 97

Forum Topics: 403

Comments: 16,316

Favorites: 32

Groups: 60

Orangeboard: 1,055

Subscribers: 255

Questions: 8

Answers: 1,199

Best Answers: 105

Comments to own topics: 16,022

Topics that stay on topic: 1

Topics that go off topic: 402

Ad hominem: 16,315

so what was this about subscribers?

If I still had the greasemonkey script installed I would digg your comment up!

<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rate_Comments_on_Instructables_Greasemonkey_Scr/">It ehn't that hard to go and install it again!</a><br />

(Update bump)

oh yeh I still need to do that perl script for you. Will get around to it this week.

If anyone would rather do it on greasemonkey don't feel like you'd be treading on my toes, do it. :D

at only 52 subs, I suppose I need to publish more ibles?  :-)
My member stats.

Instructables: 17

Forum Topics: 22

Comments: 2,560

Favorites: 28

Groups: 82

Orangeboard: 193

Subscribers: 65

Questions: 13

Answers: 255

Best Answers: 33