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Remembrance. Answered

They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old,
Age shall not wither them nor the years condemn;
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We shall remember them.
We shall remember them.


When my wife and I moved to Vancouver, it was September. In early November, people all (yes, almost everyone!) started wearing these red flower pins on their lapels -- people on the street, the newscasters, politicians... At some point, my wife asked one of her colleagues what this was all about, and they replied, "duh...Remembrance Day."

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row...

On a slightly lighter note (and I'm sub-posting this under myself, rather than cluttering the top level of good and sensitive posts), a couple of years ago my wife and I hosted a party for friends over Veterans' Day weekend. For the decorations we went with a poppy theme (which is bloody hard to find, by the way!) -- napkins, plates, flowers, everything -- and we both wore the poppy pins we'd saved from Vancouver. Only our Canadian friends made the connection :-)

To the veterans!
<holds up tankard of Rocket's Moon Fuel (see upcoming ible)>

They have fallen, paid the price We must never forget why

That's really cool kiteman.

How beautiful.

Have you lost someone dear, Kiteman?

And Remembrance Day today (Tuesday 11 Nov) in Canada.

And Veteran's day on Tuesday in the USA (11/11/08)

The Death Brigade Rising to action as the thunder starts, Men march to the trench, awaiting the blow Thunder stops, all they hear is their hearts Whistle blows, they march out row by row. Bodies falling, disjointed the parts Many will die as they take the honored blow. Gun shots surround as the soul departs Blasting through our men; we are now hollow. "Retreat! Retreat boys!" they all heard a yell The few run back, as they head for what’s home Chased by demons and creatures from hell Bodies in the trench, their souls will still roam. But they all soon realize, that no one will win A battle that seizes every right And that stabs your freedom, with deadly pins The end only bringing the accepted white light. "Death in war is honorable" we all had been told Believing this war with such a young mind It all was a lie, the sins now so old Only taking pride in the number of finds. Honor the charge they made But never the death brigade, The noble 10 million.

Including civilians, it was twice that, with as many again injured.

We had a great remembrance service at church this morning.

Unfortunately I wasn't taking part in the parade this year, having had to leave cadets. A poignant day no less.