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Nutty, wild, possibly illegal but bold idea: TV channel change prank Answered

High output IR light/beacon
Power source
Cable tv remote or equivalent code sender
High altitude urban viewpoint
Stealth attire

The basic scheme is to send out a high output IR signal from this beacon to cable boxes to switch channels .  The signal would be bright enough to reflect into any facing windows and reach the cable box IR receiver. It might hopefully affect tv's within a radius of a mile? Or more!

If performed at a certain appointed time, say, at the beginning of the Super Bowl, to tune in to, say, the History Channel, it's possible the effect will show up in the Neilson ratings as a momentary blip, before annoyed football fans switch their tv's back.

Guerrilla social mischief. If successful.



Great joke! Reminds me of the time we tuned our universal remote to work the neighbors tv. we could really mess them up. what was funny is that their tv had a loose connection somewhere and would cut out. then if they stomped on the floor it would start again. So when we shut off their tv, they would get up and stomp and stomp until we turned it back on. .


5 years ago

I don't know if this would work but you could try to replace the IR LED with a IR laser module. There are problems with the idea but if you really want to do this you will probably find a way around them. Good luck!

I doubt you'll get an effective range of more then 300 ft. Plus you need to account for different version of cable boxes and sat boxes.

For televisual mischief, I suggest you start here.