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OK, Let's clarify some things.... Answered

  • 1) OK, I will clarify this after it confused me for so much time. For those of you who didn't know,

Eric and canida are married

I tell you this to help you avoid all the stuff I went through. I saw a lot of things that pointed towards this fact, but nothing actually confirmed it. I didn't have the courage to ask here, if I was wrong, the embarrassment would be too much.... So there.

  • What happened to Stasterisk?

Star Simpson is a girl that strapped a fake bomb to her and tried to go through an airport. It was a circuit board with play doh attached to it in certain spots. She is currently a student at MIT, which explains the website url. So if you want to get more of an idea of who this Star Simpson girl is.

Check out

Although, I think Gorillazmiko made that quite clear. Get over it.


Holy crap!

WHAT????? THEY'RE MARRIED? For real? o_0 I had wondered, but just assumed I was silly to think so... That would explain why Eric posted his and Christy's signature together...but why don't they have the same last name then? I doubt.

Christy wilhelm........Christy Canida.......Christy wilhelm......Christy Canida.... I guess only the staff can answer that question. Ask them!

Eric actually changed his last name to Canida, but continues to use Eric Wilhelm for business purposes.

Thanks for the bump *rolls eyes*

You can read the topic without having to post a comment.

I've said it 4000 times before, I'll say it again: There's nothing wrong with bumping.

Thanks a lot...I started snickering and almost choked to death on my apple.

I'm with GoodHart on this one


Boy, you live up to your name! But I seriously LOL'd at that too.

Indeed. The frequency of name change with marriage decreases proportionally with level of education attained. Thus most of my married friends have different last names.

I see.

Well, I guess it's a little late, but, um, congratulations! LOL :)

Lol. When is your anniversary so I can send a card or something ?

Thankfully, statistics are only relatively true ;-)
To me, it would not have mattered "who" took whom's name, in my case, as long as one agreed to do so....it is convenient in one way, and inconvenient for the one changing. My wife, who has had college education *shrug* was dead set on taking my last name (and also hates the designation: Ms.), and I, with a HS diploma, but well read, did not object, but did not really care one way or the other.
I know, I know, there is always ONE of us freaks in the bunch to mess up the numbers LOL

I wondered that too! There were some things that made me think they were married but...

Well, there are some things that made me think so too. I understand your confusion.

My Vet doesn't use her Hubby's last name (since she was diploma'ed before she was married, it helps eliminate confusion.

. I can't imagine them getting mad about you asking (it's been mentioned before, in numerous posts), but some ppl might consider it a little too personal. . I'm having a hard time understanding the obsession with their marital status. IMNSHO, that's about as important as hair color or shoe size. Am I just too jaded?

My hair is naturally blue, and my shoe size is 39.5.

In Europe, it's 39.5. In the US, hers would be 9.5

Yeah, it's just a little...surprising. Plus, I'm all worried now. What if they split up? What happens to instructables?

Yeah - who would get custody of the robot?! Won't somebody please think of the children!

Seriously though - no need for morbid thoughts. The fact that Eric and Christy are happily married is a good thing, not a reason for concern... :-)

That's true. Guess I'm just a worrywart...

. In the TOS, it's listed as "Instructables, Inc." so it shouldn't have too much of an effect.

Yeah, but...instructables would fall apart without both of them involved...

. Judging by the banter above, I don't see a divorce on the horizon. Relax. ;) . But what do I know? I'm divorced. Don't guess I'm much of an expert on interpersonal relationships. heehee

It just explains so much! Maybe not for you "ible oldies" (I mean that in a good way) , its not much, but for us fanatics, its a big deal.