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OPENDNS is blocking access to streamsend links in your mailings Answered

The OPENDNS DNS lookup and anti-phishing service I've used for the last few years has suddenly  decided that the streamsend redirected links in the Instructables weekly newsletters are an attempt at phishing. 

I am able to access the instructables web site directly, but I can't follow links from your emails any more.

I receive the weekly newsletter through Yahoo email.
My older Instructables newsletters that I was previously able to read are having their streamsend links blocked too.

This is a problem between streamsend and OPENDNS.  However, Instructables is affected by this if they're a customer of streamsend.



5 years ago

I am getting this as well when using AOL mail and Firefox as my browser. I cannot read any newsletter articles anymore from links in my email. I get redirected to the Stream Send site on each link and blocked. -Please find a fix.

Rather inconvenient to read the newsletters. This started only a few months back.

Hello, this is Dan with StreamSend. We're aware, and looking into this and have contacted OpenDNS to see what's going on.

I'm seeing this too. It's extremely frustrating, and we're trying to get more information from Streamsend, the service that sends out our newsletter, about why it happened and when it will be corrected.

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the problem!