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OS on SSD vs OS on HDD Answered

If I decide to build a computer should I put my primary OS on a Solid State Drive? Would this make it more stable/improve performance any? Or should I just stick with a regular hard drive. Thanks for any help.


I'm using a eeepc right now and have to say that I can't notice much differance in speed by one thing is sound, Silence really is golden! Joe

Yeah, sound isn't really much of an issue for me since I've usually got headphones on or I've got music turned up way too loud.

. Depends on on how the rest of the system is set up, what apps you run, &c; and how much you're willing to spend. . If that's the only thing you're doing to speed it up, it's probably not worth the cost (unless SSDs have gotten cheap while I wasn't looking). Probably be better off with more RAM or a better graphics card. . If you're running something like Photoshop or a video editor, you might be better off using the SSD for scratch. . As far as stability, I can't see where there would be much difference, but I'm no expert. As far as I can tell, they're both as reliable as any home user requires.

OK, thanks. I was actually thinking about making one from some SD cards using a few adapters. I'm pretty sure I saw where someone did that before. Although since I was planning on still using a regular HDD to store data I guess it wouldn't help me much. Anyways thanks for the reply.

I would suggest a compact flash based ssd Compact flash is cheaper in large capacities, and the adapters are easier to come by, some adapters even support two cf cards. However, which ever card you go for, dont just get the cheap ones, you need more highend ones. Otherwise it will be a slow system, Personally i would suggest spending your money on a good high end WD or seagate!