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Oblivion - K'nex Ball Machine. Answered

Hi! Here is the last ball machine  I was working on, It was the second i have made.It was going to have 20 paths, but I ended up only managing 7, before I ran out of knex. It was 8+ feet tall, 5 or 6 feet long, and used 5 different lifts, they were as follows: Chain 2, Stepper, Spiral, Stair.  It had four towers. And over all, It was my best work! (So far....)


I just added some new pics, The 5th - 9th .


Pic 10 and 25 are the same!!

Cool, so you're still building it? Good job on the stair lift ;-). Like Mr. Muggle said, 14 paths does sound like a lot (Death Trap only had 11 and Wipe Out had only had 10), but if you know you have enough pieces, go for it!

By the way, you should make a video of it when you're done.

Sorry, no video. It's gone now. *sniff* 

Yes, I want it to be better then both of yours (well I hope it will be),
By having more pathes.

I will.

You'll need to add 2 more chain lifts to make it bigger than Death Trap. ;-)

How many paths and lifts does it have so far?

I'd like to see the video on that :)

Pretty good already, But 14 paths? You'll need ALOT of knex for that. It must be awesome when it is finished!

He already has fourteen paths in it

no, he has 13 path seperators which means 14 paths but he hasn't finished them all yet, he has only done 2 or 3 paths or something

 So... how are you going to get 14 paths then? ^^

I think you'll need about 15000 to 25000 pieces for that because it's so high

Meh. Its not amazing, although its mainly just paths, not many elements, so that makes it quite plain.


Does it look like 14 pathes? No it doesn't. It will have more elements soon.

Sorry, I take back what I said, it's starting to look pretty cool! 5* :-)

Thanks! And thanks for telling me to add more elements!  (It is kinda boring so far, So I'm adding more elements)


8 years ago

cool! 5*

Cool. How long do you think it took to make?

So far.... On and of... sence november 4th or 5th!