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Odin's Double Barreled Shotgun (OBDS) Answered

My double barreled shotgun, what do you think?
ps I could have put more connectors in, I'm just lazy like that.


didn't notice your gun to busy staring longinly at knex sayer

Well, meaning that it is a double-barreled shotgun means that each barrel has to shot multiple shots

Why? the gun I've got the most range with was a slingshot type gun and range is what I was aiming for.

Range isn't the only thing important in a gun. It seems that range is now the only thing cared about in a gun. People really need to see that innovation is a main priority in a gun, instead of power and range.

Agree with me or him? Either way i am not offended

awsome dude pls make instruction on this site

Not bad but no shot =/= shotgun. If you couldn't tell by the name a shotgun is specifically a gun that shoots shot.

You could add more connectors, i couldn't be bothered to pull some out of my tub. Laziness will be the death of me.

Looks good, I wonder if you could load up each barrel with more than one connector... Didn't work on my striker.