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Official Instructables Logos Answered

Here are a few editable files of the Instructables logos and the Instructables Robot.  If you'd like to use them off of our site, please email service at instructables dot com to ask permission. 

Too access high-res jpg versions of the images, select the image then click on the "i" in the upper left corner of the image.  You'll then have the option to download many sizes.  We've got eps files too!

If you like working with graphics and think that you can come up with something better or new for us - go for it! If we like it, we will send you something cool.

More Instructables Robot images here and here.


Hi can u help me to write a program to switch ON and OFF a Relay using a single RFID card. For example I want to switch on a Relay during my first attempt and with the same card during second attempt I want to switch it OFF.

I absolutely LOVE my two instructables shirts and I get very nice comments about them. I like this logo that tells right by the robot what it's about. My shirt the website URL is tiny on back. I play wallyball at the local YMCA and I hope it is good advertising. I also hope to make one like this with more information. LOVE IT All! Thanks


7 years ago

It is cool!
It is my first account picture!


The Instructables Shadow Robot!

Shadow Ops Square.jpg

How is the instructables.com robot logo licensed?  Could someone put it on a t-shirt and sell it to instructables fans?

More Robot for you all.

C:\instructables files\Drakbot.jpgC:\instructables files\frankenbot.jpgC:\instructables files\MUMMYBOT.jpg

Tried to come up with a robot version of my avatar.. Gave up after a while : - )

P/S: How am I suppose to draw the robot's knee??

knees are tough... So... who is your avaitar? looks like a football mascot or something similar. How about THESE Robot legs???

C:\instructables files\robot w-legs.jpg

ROFL!!! Nice one!! Love the perverted smile on his face..LOL

looks like a football mascot or something similar.
It's the P.O.W character from the (somewhat) old Metal Slug arcade game.

the robot doesn't run, it rolls

Here's my attempt at a ninja. Kind of simple, but straight to the point. I might add more some time later.


i like its simplicity. i knew what it was as soon as i saw it.

Posssibly ya, i might be able to add it! Also Garth can you posssibly make a robot picture of me! Just check my pic out! It would be so cool if you could! Thanks.

See what you think of this... my 3 year old walked in and said "robot-witch silly" and now that image is stuck in my head. I meant him to be a wizard, -really.

C:\instructables files\robot wizard.jpg

Quick, enter these in the Hallowe'en competition!

I don't really think there is a proper category, but thanks for the suggestion.

Canida said to post them in a thread in the halloween contest forum, and someone already started them. post them in this thread in the DIY Halloween forum

These are so good I now have to work harder to compete. Time for me to go back to the coloring board. Nice Job!

These are awesome! I particularly love the wrapping on his antenna.

make the wheels larger and but a rotor tail so that it can float and swin

I have the origional Robot.eps file which I open as a .jpg at a whopping 1000dpi. Then open one (1) beer. .................... Twenty minutes later: here, take a look at this:

C:\instructables files\drawing.jpg

Did you make that? Pretty cool. ...my problem is making the inconsistent width lines...like the cube has, and making them look smooth/natural.

In this case, I do not feather the line I cut out. Rather I have smoothing set to the highest setting. It can be a real pain as the program curves the line, not always where it's wanted.