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Ogden 200 - Teach basic english to India's poor Answered


I am looking for a solution to self teach English in Indian villages using a microprocessor based solution for audio
together with a paper book.

Learning English opens the door to better opportunities and job skills in poor countries.





Requirement :

1. Final product should be dirt cheap ($1- $5)

2. Bilingual audio (English and a regional language) toy with buttons.

I am a software engineer, can someone guide me what microprocessor or solution set for my need?

Plan to develop it as an open source project.


I find a 128 MB MP3 player for $3 bulk price at


I am going to go the cheap MP3 player route and not go the microprocessor route.

I am going to develop the course material book, audio files MP3 as open source and then just use a cheap MP3 player.

Thanks for your comments in the thread.

I will close the thread.

The challenge is to architect an affordable technology to
get it to the hands of the poor.

I do not want to go the CD, DVD, Casette player, Flash drive etc as you have to invest in the media and a player, laptop etc

I am interested to see if I can hard code the entire 200 bilingual words as audio in a microprocessor and distribute it as a toy.

Is there something similar sold as toys today?


Do you want this to be a whole English course on a chip?

Existing digital courses (on a disc, online etc) are very expensive, due mainly to the hours required collecting the relevant information, and then to record sound-clips etc. If you are making a mass-produced product, you will have exactly the same problem.

I would suggest, rather than a piece of hardware, you try creating a Wiki course - rely on users to upload their own tutorials and recordings, and go to online groups and societies that make it their business to better the world and ask them to publicise it.

The result will by no means be instant, but could be magnificent.