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Oh my, robot guitar. Answered

Oh my, Gibson have invented a robotic guitar, the worlds first to use robotic technology, and i want one!

To find out more visit here:



This is the guitar I would love to have:

And I would like to add it to this :-)

Yeah Animusic was the first thing that came to mind.

As soon as I saw the title, I immediately thought, "they're building an Animusic set? Cool!"

Do you have any of their DVD's ? I have 2 I believe, and now Nacho is getting at least one of them :-)

I wish...the first time I saw Animusic was on a PBS special, and they played one of the more feasible songs (Acoustic Curves, I think) and I thought that they were showing off a marvel of mechanics, it's so well rendered. I've wanted a DVD for some time now, but haven't had enough of a reason to buy one when I can watch them on YouTube. But now you know what to send me for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or my birthday, or Groundhog Day, or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or Boxing Day, or...

If you think about it a moment, since they say the "music creates the animation", that is, the animation follows the music....the animation must then "know" the next few notes ahead of time or it will strike the drums, strum the strings, etc. behind the sound. I think it is really a feat of programming ingenuity myself.

Nah, it's not as hard as you might think. You figure out an animation path for each object and offset it by so many frames for a particular ball animation, as an example. Kid in college did this (thought he invented it). I'm still not sure if it wasn't the same as the people that do animusic.

No, not really difficult, but cool nonetheless ;-)

Here are 2 to enjoy:

First the another cool set of "strings"

And THEN... THE ultimate instrudtable......the drum machine....

I still think that a team of elite engineers (including that guy who makes the wind walkers), if they had a sponsor to give them a couple million capital, could make a few million in profit in just a few weeks through concerts. Some of the pieces (Aqua Harp, Harmonic Voltage, Heavy Light) would be impossible to make, but some of the more realistic ones (Acoustic Curves, Drum Machine, Gyro Drums) wouldn't be that hard to make.

On the video DVD, they explain that the complexity and the very weight of Drum machine (as possible as it looks) would probably cause the entire thing to collapse, if it were not monstrous....and if the gears were that big, more weight is added, and it would have a harder time moving so quickly.....probably shake itself apart.

Picky, picky...Use carbon-fiber gears. And I'm not saying they would have to be as graceful and elegantly minimalist as the animation. Something like Acoustic Curves could be done without the moving sections, and use solenoids to bounce up the mallets. And the programming--they don't spend time timing an animation...they create the instrument models and have a MIDI driver tell the animation when and where to move. Clever.

on the programming end....yeah, I found it interesting how it was done. And of course that "having to read ahead" and know the next note(s) so it could start the motion towards the strike of the picking action, before the note was "due" is cool.

Yep, I know what to send you.......a recommendation as to which one to get ;-)

. I love the first vid (know where to find a higher quality version?), but the second one doesn't show up on my screen. :(

. Thanks! I can see the second one now. I cranked up the brightness while playing the first one and was able to see more. . Tres kewl vids.

Yep, and like I wrote, I liked them so much I bought the DVD's :-) They weren't that much really.

. This relationship is starting to cost me money LOL . I'm fixin' to order the first DVD. I kept watching the previews, thinking I'd get bored after 2-3, but, even after watching them all, I just wanted more.

:-) I hope you like the DVD's as much as I do. Make sure you watch the portion of the DVD that explains how they do all this (after watching all the "dispalys"). I think that is just as cool (this coming from one that likes to dabble in programming LOL).

Well, the Animusic site has some clips, and they sell a few DVD's with those on it. I actually have purchased 2 of them, I liked them so much.

Does this work better ?

Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen owns a quint neck model ;-) (doesn't look like any of those necks are a bass, tho, like the video. He doesn't have 6 hands, either.) Wonder if the new Gibson does multiple tunings.....


> Wonder if the new Gibson does multiple tunings..... . It does several open tunings automatically. Not sure if it has user-defined presets.

"A quick turn of the MCK present six factory presets, all of which can be customized." looks like you can set it however you want. you can also set it back to factory defaults.

i know i saw that, gawd i hope my dad makes alot this year, but our dealer doesn't sell gibson. i really wish we had a Guitar Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. Any idea what they will sell for? Not that I'm going to buy one, just curious and can't find a price on the Web.

not been released yet, hovewer there is a map of the stores that will get it, only 10 per store.

. That is too cool!