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Oh, no! Not again!

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Bigev (author)2009-07-23

Ha HA! SPAM man, to the rescue!

Lithium Rain (author)2009-04-18

Spam, DJ, what?

lemonie (author)Lithium Rain2009-04-18

I searched users for both "spam DJ" and "DJ spam" and the only ones it turned up were DJ Radio and Slime Q Slimedog...


Lithium Rain (author)lemonie2009-04-18

Haha. How appropriate!

lemonie (author)Lithium Rain2009-04-18

It's weird, I think maybe the only reason slime Q- turns up is because he references DJ. But I'm still puzzled 'cos they both turn up if you search for users under "spam"... L

Lithium Rain (author)lemonie2009-04-18

Robot must know they spam a lot... :D

lemonie (author)Lithium Rain2009-04-19

Unless they're knights of the round table?

"We dine well here in Camelot
We eat ham and jam and Spam a lot"


Matt21497 (author)lemonie2009-07-23

Or there in the Spam hunters?

Lithium Rain (author)lemonie2009-04-19


ArcticChill (author)2009-05-10

Why do little to none of these comments have anything to do with spam?

NachoMahma (author)ArcticChill2009-05-10

. That's just us. Welcome to the Forums! . This post didn't really call for comments, so we just had a little fun. . Doing it here is much better than hijacking "real" posts as we sometimes do. :)

ArcticChill (author)NachoMahma2009-05-10

That makes sense. So......SPAMalot????

NachoMahma (author)ArcticChill2009-05-10

. I'd have a hard defending a charge of "unnecessary posts," but, since they are not commercial in nature, they are not really SPAM.

ArcticChill (author)NachoMahma2009-05-10

I meant the play Spamalot. You know, just putting SPAM and a hilarity together.

NachoMahma (author)ArcticChill2009-05-10

. Ah. I'm a little slow sometimes.

Lithium Rain (author)NachoMahma2009-05-11


NachoMahma (author)Lithium Rain2009-05-11

. Show a little respect for your elders, missy! :P

Lithium Rain (author)NachoMahma2009-05-11

And how do you know I'm not one of them? :P

NachoMahma (author)Lithium Rain2009-05-11

. 'Cuz you're a 37 yo guy. That's how I know.

Matt21497 (author)NachoMahma2009-07-23

whats a 37 yo guy?

Lithium Rain (author)NachoMahma2009-05-11

Also, I find it sad that a lady on teh interwebz is so rare as to engender so much doubt. :P

Get it? Engender? Ha - I kill myself!

Lithium Rain (author)NachoMahma2009-05-11

Keeeeeep dreamin'.

Goodhart (author)Lithium Rain2009-06-08

a little? ;-)

IgnorantZebra (author)2009-06-18

would this be a spam comment? (read bobhill125's comment)

btw im not talking about the instructable but the comment being spam

Kiteman (author)IgnorantZebra2009-06-18

Impolite, gross, distasteful. But not spam. If you want to flag it, flag it as "inappropriate" rather than spam.

IgnorantZebra (author)Kiteman2009-06-18

I also flagged it as not nice

IgnorantZebra (author)Kiteman2009-06-18

thanks i will

Kiteman (author)2009-06-18

Since this topic has resurfaced... I see both those projects are still available.

Plasmana (author)2009-06-16

Emm, what are those two instructables?

kelseymh (author)Plasmana2009-06-16


Plasmana (author)kelseymh2009-06-17

Well, what ever they are, they make NO sense to me.

ReCreate (author)2009-06-16

This image is Hilarius, i'm saving it.

skunkbait (author)2009-04-18

I don't like SPAM!!

kelseymh (author)skunkbait2009-04-18

Have you had it on a blob of rice? Hawaiian Spam sushi is not nearly as bad as you'd think it would be, considering.

Lithium Rain (author)kelseymh2009-04-20

>Nearly hurls

Goodhart (author)Lithium Rain2009-05-10

Oooo, a whole teaspoon of Wasabi......umm um

mettaurlover (author)Goodhart2009-06-08

one of my friends once ate an entire clove of horse radish. his face turned a shade of red that most people would describe as "fresh-painted fire truck". it was hilarious.

Goodhart (author)mettaurlover2009-06-08

clove of horseradish? Garlic comes in cloves, american horseradish is a fairly large root however:

mettaurlover (author)Goodhart2009-06-08

well, a jar of it, anyway.

Goodhart (author)mettaurlover2009-06-08

Yes, I love horseradish too. And I really like authentic (hard to find) Wasabi too (most wasabi in the USA is faked...mustard + horseradish + green dye)

n8man (author)kelseymh2009-04-20

Hmmm, Hawaiian Spam sushi, I have got to try that some time, though it might need some nori or wasabi. *watches Lyra cringe*

skunkbait (author)kelseymh2009-04-18

Actually I have. I've spent a little time in HI, and they have Spam preparation down to an art. I actually don't mind the meat product. I was just applying the Monty Python line to the "other" SPAM. :-)

Doctor What (author)2009-05-10

I used the exact title of this thread for a title on one of my poems. Coincidence? I think not!

NachoMahma (author)Doctor What2009-05-10

. You weren't wearing your foil hat when I was transmitting thoughts, were you? I hope you've learned your lesson.

Doctor What (author)NachoMahma2009-05-11

*puts on foil hat* Haha!

Goodhart (author)Doctor What2009-06-08

Curses, foiled again !

lemonie (author)2009-04-18

This wouldn't be related to the bug Kiteman and Jamalam have reported? - I've noticed a lot of the (not really) recent items have been removed, the SPAM, as previously noted, was never actually removed just moved out of sight (and I still haven't had an answer on that, even after PM-ing Fungus)


NachoMahma (author)lemonie2009-04-18

. Both are dated Mar 1, 2009. I'd say you are on to something, Sherlock. I wonder why the accts weren't deleted?

lemonie (author)NachoMahma2009-04-18

Well this was discussed and asked, I might have another shot at Fungus tomorrow if none of the admins post on this topic by then.


NachoMahma (author)lemonie2009-04-18

. I'd wait until Mon PM (PST/PDT) to PM fungus. He may not be back in the office until Mon AM. . When you do, tell him my e-mail notifications quit again.