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Okay, so I have A HUGE LOAD of...... Answered

Okay, so I have A HUGE LOAD of match sticks (cardboard) with all of the powder on the heads taken off. I don't wan't to throw them away, any ideas on what I could do with them? I have a whole cigar box full of them.


Yup, and a little bit more than that too. I have made things I have not posted. Anyway, do you know a type of glue that might work well on this kind cardboard? The best one I got is superglue but it is a pain to get it stuck on your fingers.Super glue is also way to liquidy. The cardboard also dosen't stick well because it abosrbs the glue.

Thanks, seems like I could build fairly large building models with all of this....


another idea, you could throw some in a blender with a little white glue and water and some other stuff, grind it up and make paper. Look up paper making instructions...

I tried that already, it was really hard to get them to stick thogether with glue.

if you watch a paper match burn, you may notice that there is a small amount of wax in the paper. it lengthens the time that it takes the flame to reach your fingers : ) how about charcoaling them, for pyro carbon?

Glue+matchsticks=Eiffel Tower
Glue+matchsticks=Empire State Building
There are commercially available kits that include wood glue, instructions, and a plastic bag full of roughly 5,000(no, I didn't make that number up) wooden matchsticks. You glue them together to make a structure. Not sure how well it would/wood work with cardboard, though. Why do you have a cigar box full of headless matches?
I just realized: Glue+matchsticks=Eiffel Tower, and Glue+matchsticks=Empire State Building, so logically, the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower are the same thing.

Land Fill?


11 years ago

Ummmm....quick kindling for fires?