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Oktoberfest Beer Instructables Answered

Oktoberfest is underway! To celebrate the beer-fueled festival we've compiled some of our favorite beer-themed Instructables. From making it to storing it to dealing with a hangover, we have plenty of info to help you thrive and survive in these difficult times. Check them out and be safe, everyone, drinking and power tools don't match.

How to Make Beer by imarunner2
Why spend so much cash on beer in bottles when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost? Sure, there's more effort, but you'll be able to experiment with new flavors and always have plenty to share with friends.

How to Brew Beer by moaner70
In case one way to make beer wasn't enough, here's another take on the issue. With some supplies and a little time you'll be ready to go!

Keg Lathe by fredan
Get a keg (legally!) and use this Instructable to cut a clean hole in it. Then use the keg to brew the beer. The cycle is complete!

2 tap Cornelius Kegerator by g0mikese
So you've made some beer and you don't want to mess around with bottling it? Then check out this method of converting a fridge into a kegerator and have two types of beer on tap!

Turning a Toy into a Kegerator Bar Gun by Unabill
This toy is meant for shooting soda, but with a bit of hacking you can have it dispensing your own beer in no time.

How to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener by lebowski
So you bottled your own beer or maybe you just bought some at the store. The only thing you forgot is a bottle opener, but learn this simple method and you'll see that bottle openers are all around you! Also included is a trick for opening a bottle of wine with string.

Break away beer bottles! by FreakCitySF
Freak out others by smashing a fake bottle over a friend's head. Be sure to get him in on the idea first, OK?

BeerCan Chicken by b_uddy
Use a can of perfectly moderately decent beer to cook up a chicken. The results are moist and delicious.

Thai style Chicken BBQ cooked outside in 10-15 minutes by dandym
BeerCan Chicken a little too slow and not fiery enough for you? Then try burying the whole thing in hay and setting it on fire! Oh, and be careful if you try this one.

Cool Little Miniature Stove! by NK5
Use those leftover cans to create your own little camping stove.

Make Shingles and Siding Out of Aluminum Cans (Beer Can Roof) by robbtoberfest
Have a few hundred leftover cans? Go crazy and build a new roof for a shed.

How to cure a hangover by zieak
Above it all, be safe and watch yourself. No use throwing away a perfectly good building day by slowly recovering from the previous night. Follow the tips in this Instructable, and its comments, to enjoy the whole weekend.


Can anybody tell us where could i get ingredients like malt syurp or roasted Barley and Beer Yeast available in Jeddah. I have tried Baker's yeast but not satisifed with the result. I have tried looking into the Supermarket but in vain. I could see Roasted Barley in the store used for Tea from Japan. Can i used that for making home made beer. Also what about hops.. where is is available. Can you help me in sending the name of the shop in Jeddah where i can get the entire items for home brewing. Best Regards/NK

Phil B

9 years ago

Oktoberfest began in 1810 in Bavaria with the marriage of the Prince. They had a horse race during the wedding festivities. Everyone enjoyed it so much they decided they ought get together each year to have a party. Oktoberfest is not celebrated all over Germany, but only in the south of it. Somehow we treat it as if it were the quintessential German festival.

In the same way that all Brits speak like Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins, and all Americans drink beer and set fire to meat in the garden every weekend.

I miss setting fire to meat every weekend. Unfortunately, my grill had a leak in the gas line, and when I went to take my steaks off and cut off the flames, I realized the whole bottom part of the grill was on fire. Oh what fun it was to reach into the flames to turn off the gas tank. I still don't know how I managed not to get burned in that. The steaks turned out really well though.

"all Americans drink beer and set fire to meat in the garden every weekend." Yes, because anyone who does not is a pinko.

Actually, we haven't had a BBQ in quite some time.. Beginning of summer I think...

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And no, my family doesn't work near a nuclear facility..

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Yet most of Americans aren't yellow-sorry ibles botby the way, is the BBQ still going on this FridayMy family doesn't really have BBQs, but we use a grill almost everyday

I'm pretty sure our nation has overtaken them in the beer swilling meat burning jingo demographics now...

hey! no we dont ha just kidding yes?

yay beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 years ago

Mmm, beer.

Wheres your Oktoberfest state of mind? "Mmm, bier!"

He only wants it in there because a link to his is in it!


Not fussed, his is tidier IMHO

For those that may be confused; Oktoberfest is actually held in September, contrary to popular belief that it is held in October.