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Old 64 games for my g-pa Answered

Nebody got some old 64 games out there? i want to buy some more for my grandpa to hold him over while i try to get him a Wii. pretty much any old game will do as long as it runs. im willing to buy but obviously not a lot for old 64 games. oh by the way, im not trying to be rude, but i am not stupid and i am not going to fall for any scams. srry but there are so many scams out there you have to warn people so they will stay away so you dont have to waist your time.


I got:
Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask
Bomberman Hero
Pokemon Snap
and Magical tetris
(i used to have a few more but some jerks stole my old 64 and a few games =(

Ha, when I read this, I thought you were talking about Commodre 64 games


10 years ago

herea friend of mine has a few old N64 games (he had that stupid pikachew version


10 years ago


banjo kazooie, banjo tooie, sarges heros, shadow man, pokemon arena, aidyn chronicles, nfl football 98, donkey kong 64, and like 3 more that i forget ( there in my basement and i didnt want to bring them up here).

lol I had a football game that EB games offered 50 cents for. Cuz it wasnt on their lists

i have to find them first, i know i have like 20.

I have a bunch of n64 games. banjo kazooie, banjo tooie, donkey kong, some army game, and lots more

yah if you want to get me a full list we might be able to set somthing up. no kazooie, but definitly tooie (he has kazooie)