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Old Cell Phone LCD Screen Ideas? Answered

Is there anything i can do with an old lcd screen from a cell phone? I have used most of the other parts but i have another phone that i could use.


Well you can sell them to any mobile repairing shop, it would be beneficial for them. Or if you have a bulk of these screens you can sell them to so many Broken or damaged mobile screen buyers like: http://www.brokenlcds.com


6 years ago

Was checking the forum and came upon your question. I just wanted to know whether you found any good uses of the screen yet?

I want to do the same.. have a Motorola V600 display with ATI chip on it, maybe its a driver but cant find the datasheet.. is it possible to make it work with Arduino?

If you have a microcontroller, many lcd screens can be interfaced to display rudimentary graphics/text - saves buying another screen for a project.

Use it to make a pong game.