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Old DVD and CD Drives for Sale. Answered

I have some old DVD and CD drives that I don't want and I thought somebody might want to buy them for a little bit of nothing.

The DVD drives have the following:

Atleast two continuous motors.
A push button
A laser diode
Assorted gears, pulleys, rods, and belts.

The CD drives have the following:

Atleast two continuos motors
A push button
Assorted gears, pulleys, rods, and belts.

These drives don't work in computers but most of the internals are still useable for projects. I am not trying to make a lot of money from these I don't want them so I thought maybe somebody else could use them. I just want you to pay me shipping plus a few dollars for the packing and my time. Shippping may be kind of expensive because these are heavy. If you prefer I can take out the parts that you want and send you just those. Either way I hope somebody can use these. I preffer to ship to only the continental US. I accept payment through pay pal. If you are interested then post and I will respond and we can work things out over the PM system.



I can't ship the entire drive to you but I may be able to pull out just the parts that you want and ship those to you. PM if you are still interested.

I don't know what to tell you. I want to avoid shipping internationaly, and even if I did want to ship some to you the shipping would probably cost as much as it would cost you to buy them new. Maybe you could look on EBAY.

Good Luck

i am but there is a problem i am in europa add i personaly dont know how much the shipping is?

I am afraid shipping to you would be awfully expensive. You may be better off trying to get some from local computer recyclers. Sorry