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Old German(?) thread spooling machine? Answered

Although somewhat difficult to explain, I was told this threader was used along with a spinning wheel-the treadle works fine and spins the hooked piece which then feeds the thread to the spools on the right. Ingenious !

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Kiteman (author)2013-04-08

This isn't really a question, is it?

How about posting it as a forum topic, so more people see it?

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ronfoster (author)Kiteman2013-04-08

Sooner or later, I'll do it right-I was chastised for putting it in the forum and told to put it in the answer slot-

Who knows ?

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Kiteman (author)ronfoster2013-04-08

You aren't asking a question, so it doesn't go in Answers.

You didn't make it or modify it, so it's not an Instructable.

You're showing off something interesting, possibly hoping to chat about it, so it goes in the forums.

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