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Old Laptop----> Digital Photo Frame Answered

This is an idea for a craft project: I'd like to have a digital photo frame, but I just can't bring myself to pay $200 for one. Now, I've got an old laptop sitting around the house that is slower than frozen mollasses, but has a nice big LCD screen goin' for it. It could definitely handle a photo slideshow. It's just a question of changing the laptop physically so it will hang on the wall and look nice-- remove all the unecessary stuff and strap what you still need to the back of the LCD and voila! I've had this idea for a while now, but there's no way in heck I have enough technical expertise to pull it off. So, I'm puttin' it out there to all you people who are smarter than me. One of yall is bound to be smart enough to pull it off. And then the rest of us will follow in your footsteps-- stand on your shoulders as it were-- and turn our old, crappy, laptops into nifty new peices of gadgety wall art.


The only other thought I'd add to this was to make a "Digtal Picture Frame" that you could also use as a TV. Since you can easily get USB TV Tuners for your computer with a remote. Put something like this in your kitchen so every day use you could watch TV or when entertaining you could use it as a picture frame. Just a thought...

Thanks. I don't feel at all like a turd for posting a question about something that's already been done because I'm just sooo excited about doing it! I had searched for an instructable before this, but nothing came up. Yet, there they are, plain as day on your page and in the "related projects" pane-- like 4 different ones that tell how to do it. Weird. :P Anyway, I'd like to do what Blueplanet suggests doing in the comments--taking out all the unnecessary parts to make it thinner and lighter-- but I think that might be a little beyond me. I wouldn't know how to properly heatsink it and would probably end up burning my house down. Thanks so much for your reply. I can't wait to go destroy my laptop. Like you, the hinges on it are already broken, so it'll be one step easier. Snap snap! :P