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Old RC Nitro Gas Answered

I have a lot of old Nitro for an RC that I did not use. I do not want to just get rid of it. I paid for it. So what it's old and can't be used in an RC car. What can I do with it. I was thinking about making some makeshift lamps using rags and wine bottles. Will that work. What are some other things I can do?


Yea, given nitro's nature I would be very leery of putting it in glass. Also, remember that there is oil mixed into it and water since it is old. If you come up with something let us know. I have 5gl that are about three years old.

I've burned 10% nitromethane in my Optimus Nova before without any problems. If you've got a similar multi-fuel camp stove or coleman-style lantern you could give it a go. Don't know if I would try the rags & wine bottles ploy though, sounds more like a molotov cocktail to me...