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Old TI-85 Uses Answered

I just got a TI-85 at a yard sale for a dollar. I already have a TI-84, so I have no need for it for school. Any ideas on what I use it for? Can I take it apart , build anything with it? Here are the specs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TI-85#Technical_specifications. It has a Zilog 800 cpu


IF you've got a good one then why don't you give it to some kid that ain't got no klakulater.

Toss it in a sealable metal container for when the magnetic field reversed on December whatever, 2012 and the Earth begins to rotate backwards!

toss it a roadable piece of gear or toolbox for when you don't want to carry your primary calculator.

Tape it onto your bicycle and call it your bikeolator. Impress your freinds and sexy, scantily clad Swedish women folk by calculating the amount of energy you've used by riding and the amount of gasoline you've saved.

Toss it in a box for later,then come back to it in twenty years to discover it has almost no intrinsic value...

all in all, I'd vote for #2, even if most geekmen wish #3 was a real possibility ;-).