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Old analogue TV with set top box problems Answered

Hello everyone.
This is the first time I have asked a question on Instructables, so please bare with me.
Ok, so I have an old tv (one with only a RF coaxial input port) and a set top box. At the moment, I have the cable from the antenna plugged into the back of the set top box, then I have the component cables from the set top box plugged into the back of an old VCR player which has an RF coaxial output which goes to the TV itself. Now, this is all fine and dandy, the picture quaulity is good and it all worked forst go, the problem I am having is the sound.
The sound is really very quiet which doesn't matter too much as the TV is pretty close to where I sit, but there is a static fuzzy sound that sort of drowns out the sound I am hearing. So I am thinking that the VCR player is causing this interference and quiet sound, would I be right?
Is there some sort of adapter I can get that converts a component input into a coaxial RF output so I can bypass the VCR player? Any other tips/Ideas?
Thankyou very much.


Thanks for you're input guys. I ended up swapping my tv so I have one with component inputs and all is good now.

.  First thing I'd do is check and make sure that I have the cables plugged into the proper connections on the box, the VCR and the TV and that the VCR is in the proper mode (I'm betting that the VCR is not in the right mode). If that doesn't solve the problem, try taking the VCR completely out of the circuit and see what happens.
.  What happens when you play a tape in the VCR?


8 years ago

Does the VCR have component out? Try to rule out if it's the cable you are using, the TV or the VCR that is causing the problem.