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Old big-screen TV -- What to do with the dang thing? Answered

My big-screen TV is 18 years-old and is forcing me to buy a bigger house. What can I do with it? It works but the picture is just plain bad. I hate to trash it because the wood structure looks so much nicer than its reception. Aquarium? No, I don't care to clean the tank. Bookshelf? No, I don't need that. Gun cabinet? Nah. Anybody have an interesting idea or know where to direct me for creative advice? This dinosaur is huge but looks great when closed. Thanks, RebelwoaCloo.


Giant Ant Farm? If you dont like ants try Moles, Snakes, Turtles or any other burrowing animal?

i'm thinking pc case mod or one of the ambient lighting things multi touch hacks are nice or stuff a laser cutter and/or cnc mill inside it what kind of tv is it? crt? rear projector? lcd? plasma?

It looks like an old DLP TV. I saw one of these on the side of the road with the front smashed out. Had 3 color projectors on the bottom (Id assume theres some mirrors in it) For Red, Green, And blue. They say that if you look at them on full power, you could go blind. i'm sure you could make something nice out of those. :)

Use it to house a replica Rotary Engine,

My husband took the screen (plastic) out of ours and cut it up to replace some basement storm windows. (It was a lot cheaper then plexiglass). We didn't know what to do with the rest so sorry to say it went in the trash :(

I still have most of my old 17" flat screen monitor that stopped working, mainly for the plastic and the metal shielding around the screen. One of these days I will test it to see if it is adaptable to lower resolution output.


Haha, I used to use my old fresnel on ants =]

I was such a nerdy little science kid, I didn't even bother with a magnifying glass. =]

Thanks for all of the great advice! The TV is a Magnavox 52" rear projector(?), almost 5 feet high and 9,000 lbs. I like the idea of donating to a care center (thanks, caitlinsdad) where it might be used and I won't have to toss the electronics. If not, it'll be a lighted shelf/organizer. I wonder what everybody else did with their old monoliths (aside from using them for game-playing). Thanks!

TV 001.JPG

I once used an old monster TV as a counterweight to lift a bed up a floor through some big windows... the TV was then hauled in to the pickup truck and brought down to work for the break room/office/kitchen/admin area...

Maybe you can use one of these moving thingys to get it out of the house. Our 42 incher projection TV was a bear to move around and lift to get the bottom stand on. It has no handles or anything to grip and is not balanced weightwise. Good luck.


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My dad has an old, truly massive stereo console in his living room. Doesn't work, but it looks impressive (describes a celebrity or two.) Bookshelf? Storage? Unfortunately, it's not old enough to have good "iron" inside (from a tube project POV)....I recently scrounged a decent transformer (150V & 6.3V secondaries) and choke (5H) from an old TV.


10 years ago

Can you post a picture? And/or find a picture of a similar model online?

You can use the bezel like I did the TV-set cutout. If there are no kids to use it, maybe you could donate it to a day-care center or childrens hospital. With the remaining cabinetry I had made a computer desk by adding a sliding keyboard drawer and rewiring the existing speakers to plug into the PC. Great sound.

if you have a turtle, hamster, rat, guinea pig, or cat the tv could be used as a base for some sort of elaborate play structure

Lop the back off of it and make it in to a nice feature light or bookshelf with glass shelves and apretty coloured glow?