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Old hard to find cord`s circuit? Answered

So at my school we still use old old programmable relays. The Crouzet Millenium 2. The problem is that we are plugging in and out the cords each day which leads to as you can think, them to stop working. My teacher can not find them and I am sure the school does not have the 100 ish dollars to drop on one cord. It is part public school so its not the richest. If my teacher had at least the whole schematic for the cord, then he can make his own cords to at least let us us them without having to upload 50 thousand times to try and get a response from the things brain. The cords model number is 88950102 if this helps



4 years ago

I've the same problem. Got a M2 from ebay but without cable I can't use it, and I tried a lot but was not able to get it. Even no circuit diagram to make it myself. Can someone help?

Ok Crouzet are still in business.:

1. Which cable are you short of - The programming cable?

If so it appears to be a standard 9 pin to 9 pin serial cable. These are common.

2. Email Cruzet with your needs they may well be generous to help you out for nothing as your a school.

3. Come back if your needs are different.

If you have the cords then pull one of the broken ones apart and see what components are needed. Chances are the wires have come loose from the connectors or may have broken somewhere along the length of them.