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Old transistorized \ferriterod inverters 2ör4"burnt tubes were used. Here I tried with burnt cfls( w/o curcuit) no dia Answered

how to use burnt cfls in transistorized inverter circuits which was using tubes.?



What? You need to rephrase this question.


thank u mr lemonie 4 ur advise   inverters of olden days were made by using transformers ,transistors/ferrite rods. burnt tube lights were used for output(lighting} without ballast(choke) or strarter.  the tubes were glowing like new tubes when connected.   instead of the tubes I tried with burnt cfl  which gave a good light (here the cfl was opened and the circuit was removed and the two pairs of wires connected to two wires on top of the holder.  as i am not a techie i like someone who knows the old circut  explain the same to me.  the invertors were powere by 6V/l2V battaries.

That gives me a better idea, but I still don't know. Let me go away and see if I can find out...