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Older Computer Help Needed. Low memory, slow, dial-up, Windows 98, no Command Prompt. Answered

Please help, I've got a Windows 98, on dial-up, and very limited memory, with no Command Prompt, how do I make it run faster, with out downloading software, but were can I download(I'm will sacrifice memory for this instead of MS-DOS) Command Prompt? Windows 98 seem to avoid virus, but I still have more software then necessary, and will not give it up. WINRAR is on the computer, doesn't know if that's helpful, but I put the information in here anyway. (P.s. I can't program, but if it helps I'll learn.)



Best Answer 8 years ago

I would switch to a lightweight, up-to-date OS and get rid of that Model T, Win98.
I pulled an old eMachines (with Win98)  laptop out of the closet a few months ago to experiment with. I installed Xubuntu 9.04 and it made the old laptop feel like a new machine.
Not much will help speed up your dial-up connection but a clean, lightweight OS will make a world of difference in the PC's speed and ease of use for a Linux noob.


No CMD - what did you do to it? A re-install should fix that if you removed it.
You haven't got much choice for speed-up unless it's a minimum-spec' machine and there's room to upgrade bits.


you can defrag,delete unnecessary programs/files. dude there is more you can do then download software. and you can put CMD on it by going to NotePad and typeing CMD.exe and saving it as a .bat to your desktop. and dial-up is always slow. get cable. if possible. and lemonie. i dont need to be rude but im a little tired of fixing your mistakes. if you dont know everything then just say thats not the only one but i dont know the rest unless your sure there are no other ways.

You can't "put CMD on" by writing a BAT, that's just a shortcut - what happened to RUN-CMD? Get cable (or other internet connection) is obvious, but it isn't going to speed up the machine..
Please detail these "mistakes" you refer to.


cmd.exe works at my school and they totaly deleted cmd prompt so yea this makes a cmd prompt. and those things that speed up your comp are simply defragers your comp has one installed free. and dial up will always be slow depending on the number they are dialing. cable runs through one line. and its twice as easy to fix and twice as fast. sorry if thats what you ment L and if it is please be a little bit more clear. im a huge techie and i know alot about fixing and programming and it really makes me mad when people give bad advice or unclear advice on tech things. and this goes for about all the other things i have typed on here to you. and i would have gotten back to this sooner but i was busy with a life and what not

How do you reconcile cmd.exe (the command-prompt executable) working with "and they totally deleted cmd prompt"?
Writing a .bat is only going to point to cmd.exe, which won't run if it's not there.

I'm missing what you see as "bad advice" here?


W98 has DOS prompt.

Have you tried Run --> cmd.exe?

have you searched for cmd.exe in the windows path?

Or did someone delete cmd.exe?

If so, you should be able to extract it from the w98 installation disk.