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On diesel and gasoline automobiles. Answered

I will get a new used car soon, and am torn on an old diesel 1973 Mercedes and a gasoline 1985 Volvo sedan. A diesel to me is obviously better: more torque, easier to repair, lasts long, but I live in Vermont. And in Vermont, diesel turns to jelly, but I am prepared to deal with it. A gasoline engine, on the other hand, is faster, not what I need, and has less torque. It also stays good in the cold. I would turn the diesel into a veggie, to me that is a great benefit. The thing that keeps me from the diesel Mercedes is the law, you can't by a new diesel, and I can't find where it says I can't by a used diesel. Also, how hard would it be for me to convert to veggie, to get veggie fuel, clean it, and to heat the fuel for winter? There are many diesel stations just sitting around where I live, so that is always an option.

Why do I even ask? Because a gasoline would be so much more convenient for me. A Volvo is a perfect choice if I want an easy to use, get up and go car. A Diesel would make me wait for a couple of minutes before I go anywhere.

Of course, the final decision of the car I will buy will be totally remodeled into a newly painted, shnaztastic, car with all the means to repair on the road.

When I start this summer, I will keep you posted, every step of the way.

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 we have both (i mean my mom and dad) a gas and a diesel and diesel is suprisingly more efficient granted it is hard to make your own bio leo with out the right equipment but the mercedes you would not have to wait around because it has a certain type of diesel engine that makes it easier and faster to start up than my F250 super duty lariat turbo charged diesel but if you think a gas car would be the best for you then do it as you said before why do I even ask but I work with engines day in and day out ( i work at a ford dealership after i quit from working in a yahmaha dealership) i would say go with the diesel but you do what you think would be the best finacial and long term choice for you.

Don't get a diesel if you think you will make it into a veggie until you look deep into making your own biodiesel.  There is way more to that than the greenies say there is.  Do you have a source?  Do you have a place to put the equipment and store your stock so you don't have to run you  machine everytime you need a fill up?  Do you have a location that will allow you to do the refining/filtering?  Do you really want to make the rounds of the local restaurants to collect the oil?

Even if you have a working bio distributor will they still be around in 5 years?

Not trying to kill the diesel idea just warning you that YOU need to scope it out before you take anyone's suggestion that it's a breeze.

 Thank you, this is more of what I am looking for. Sorry for the double post, I thought that it was accidentally deleted when I closed the window. Should of thought.

Shame you can't get our diesels. Modern Euro diesels are amazing, Ford make one of the best. Our fuel is better too. We only have low sulphur fuel here, which gets rid of a lot of the US objections.  And I get close on 60mpg.


Where I live Volvo drivers are "of a certain type", i.e. "well what do you expect they're driving a Volvo"... If diesel is not practical go for the petrol/gasoline. Otherwise go diesel. Hit the search box (top right) with "biodiesel" and you'll find some relevant stuff. Diesel has better thermal-efficiency and fuel-flexibility