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On/Off/On Toggle switch to 2 separate power sources? Answered

I am trying to setup up LED/s on my motorcycle. I am just wondering how to wire it correctly to 2 separate power sources. The On/Off/On should operate like this:

Left "on" : LED's powered by Bike battery
Center "Off"
Right "on" : LED's powered by 12v DC Battery Pack

Anyone know how to set this up?
The 3 function toggle switch I have only has 3 prongs.



6 years ago

Here is the wiring of two energy sources to a single light using
a Two Pole Triple Throw ( ON- off -ON ) switch.
When off nothing gets discharged or lit :)



Would this diagram work with the second power source being from a 12v inverter? Im trying to wire up my rv so the head unit will run from the housing and not battery when parked? Thank you!

Tie the -ve terminals of the bike battery and 12V pack together. Put the +ve of the bike battery to one end of the switch, put the +ve of he 12V pack to the other end, take the "live" from the middle.

Assuming that is that this is a THREE position switch, with centre off.

That's it! It's basically reversed. I have all the LED's, Battery pack and bike battery negative wires together connected to the bike battery. That's correct, right? It won't drain the bike battery if the power is coming from the pack, even though I have the packs negative wire connected to the bike battery?

Everything works great! Thank you! :-)

Just use the bike battery, they're designed to run lights.