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One shot delay timer switch without a microcontroller? Answered

How do you output a single short pulse in an electronic  circuit after a specific period of time has elapsed after the circuit is powered on such that when the circuit is powered on, the output remains zero for x seconds then it becomes +5 V just once for y seconds then again back to zero for the remaining time much like monostable mode of 555 timer except that the pulse here is output in the middle i.e. 0v-5v-0v. Can this be done without a microcontroller?


Could be done with capacitors charging thru a resistor, then activating a relay.

Combine two monostable stages. Stage one gets triggered by power on and realizes the waiting time. Stage two gets triggered by the end (falling/rising edge) of stage one.

Have you looked at various delay circuits using a 556 (dual 555 timers)?