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Only one comment is visible should be 18 comments Answered

On this page, only one comment is visible should be 18 comments.




What makes you think there should be 18?

Go to the instructable URL web page link posted in the 2nd line of my post just above this... At the bottom of that URL web page where the comments go, it says this:


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Jun 24, 2012. 1:48 PMflyingpuppy says:
Is the idea something like this hand pump water gun I made? I mean, does the valve system work similarly?

Good spot! The comments are visible in the source code but something about the embedded video is breaking the comment system. I'll play around with it to find out what's wrong then post here for someone at HQ to look at.

That's weird. I looked at this yesterday and I didn't notice that either. I've passed on an email to our coding team to see if they can figure out what's wrong.

I managed to replicate it here too:

If you want to delete the comment you can make them all visible again by deleting the iframe using Firebug, then the rest of the comment chain appears embedded within that comment.

I can't make it out in Firebug, it's all nested and weird.