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Oodammo vs. Yellow rods?? Answered

I want to know if people want more Oodammo guns or guns that shoot yellow rods?? It only takes 10 seconds to reply. Killer~SafeCracker


What is Oodammo ? Sorry if you think this is a stupid question

I just came up with an interesting new development:  I wastest-firing my AR-4 v3 (shoots yellow rods), and sometimes the rodswould make a sound while they were still traveling in the air, kindalike when you swing bamboo very fast.

So I think yellow rods travel faster than oodammo. (of course the reasoncould just be that my gun is so awesome.

Well why did you just go on a tangent above?  I was just pointing out that it happened.

The impossible... Finally happened.  My facial expression now appears full of shock and empty of everything else.

Tis nay impossible if it has happened? And whats the big deal anyways?

I'm just saying that you haven't snapped before (well as far as I know) on the internet.

Try taking a javelin and throwing it tip first, It should make no sound,but it should also go far and accurate.

Now try swinging that javelin around and letting go, You will hear a"whooping" noise and it will fly inaccurately and not very far.

So, this means that your gun has flipping yellow rods all over theplace, or that your gun can shoot extremely far (which is impossible for this type of gun).

Hmm, it does spin around right before it falls to the ground.  At first the ammo goes straight, then it spins around later on.  But I hear the sound BEFORE the ammo starts spinning.

That was an older version.  The new version has numerous barrel mods.

No time, and my parents banned me from filming after seeing my BRv1 vid.  Plus the house isn't long enough to give me proper ranges, and seeing how it's October, I can't do outdoor tests without crosswinds.

I could possible imagine what you're talking about. I made a mini sling pistol thing that was basically one of those "shoot the firing pin" designs and at first it would fly pretty straight and it would make a light sound but then as it spun around it would move into the hwoo sound.

That light sound was what I was talking about.  The ammo doesn't make a hwoo sound when it starts spinning though.

Well at first it just sounds like a blow dart gun in a way but as it starts to spin it would sound deaper and would stop as soon as the rod slowed down. I was liking the idea of the gun because it was silent but then I noticed how people would hear a rod flying at them

Yeah, however the ammo stops making noise when it starts spinning.

I don't think it has to do with the spinning directly as much as just slowing down. For example my rods would curve about 90 degrees still fast and making the sound and then it would continue to spin normally and stop. Now if only I could figure out how to control it I'd have a corner cutting weapon =P. It was pretty funky how it would work. I makes me want to try making a curved arrow.

I made a random assault rifle back in my early days of knexing, and that somehow mysteriously happened.  However, I could not control the direction of the curve, and that only happened for 1 mag.  It never happened again and the gun failed to work sometime afterwards.

that happened to me once when firing my version of the z35

I believe it's because the way it spins. I got that with your gun andwhen I just toss a piece across the room. (Only with yellow rods.)

I've tried shooting yellow rods out of other guns, it didn't make anoise because it traveled slower.  I haven't been able to geta noise tossing knex across a room.

I don't think it had to go with the bullet going fast. I think it has todo with the way it spins.

But the only time I ever hear that bamboo sound is when I havesomething going through the air sideways (meaning that air isrushing past the most surface area possible), which would mean that yourammo is flipping. <br /><div id="refHTML"> </div>

Hmm, it does spin around right before it falls to the ground.  Atfirst the ammo goes straight, then it spins around later on.  But Ihear the sound BEFORE the ammo starts spinning.

What is finned ammo and Oodammo?? Sorry,...

FInned ammo is a red rod with fins attached to the end of it. It spin the bullet in flight giving it more accuracy and control. And oodammo is a white rod with a red connector on the end. Sort of like a small arrow. It has been tested and has been proved to have more accuracy than most other ammo types.

Thanks! BTW, I am in the process of building your TR18, looks awesome. Trouble with the turret tho. I mean like connecting it around the wheels.

Yellow Rod + Red Connector = Flippin' awesome.

I like those. I'd say Oodammo though.

Eh, I find they are too heavy, and don't have a very good range because of it. Go with one or the other, not both.

I take yellow rod red connector combo over oodammo any day. Gets better range with powerful weapons - much more inertia. My BR8 Shot 200andsomething feet with my ammo, oodammo only got around 90-100.

Yellow rod + red connector = canadammo

Yeah, I like that name better.

No it's not. Why don't I call orange connectors with a green rod shadowninjammo? Who cares what it's called. Call it.... how about yellow rod and red connector ammo? That would be best.

is it really? I though that red rods were longer (DGM stay out of this) Or is it too long to read.....

I care, Im not gonna waste time typing the whole thing out.