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Oodassault 3.8 Answered

I really need to stop now. I'm running out of numbers until I reach 4.0 T_T
This one takes inspiration from killerk's futile attempts at improving a Dunkis weapon. Everyone knows that only the true master can improve his own weapons muahahhaha! Kidding... but I just didn't like how the magazine on his looks and you know me and how picky I am about fashionable practicality...if that exists.

I left the entire back of the gun intact. The only major changes happened to the magazine. I did away with the tilter in favor of a locking magazine like the 3.3 and Killerk's version. And...that's pretty much it. It seems to be perfectly reliable but so was the 3.7. This one just doesn't require those mini k'nex adapters to do so. Oh actually I did modify the clips I use a bit so that you can keep them in the gun. This allows you to push them in without needing to lock the magazine and then fire the gun normally. I think you could use these with the 3.7 if you wanted to.

So yeah, here's my video with a tad bit of Russian thrown in for no particular reason...I had some Coke before hand >_> And for some reason it won't embed so here's the link...
Speed Load Video



7 years ago

This is really nice. I might actually dig out my Knex and build this!

Lulz. I would, but it's basically the same gun minus the tilty-ness, and tilty-ness is always nice. =)

lol its cool im telling you the mag i made kicks butt not to mention the stripper clips i use are really easy to use and strong


I still like mine better =P
Keep the rod on the gun.
Can keep the clip on the gun.
Don't need to take anything off, just open the mag and the clip part will drop out.
Preference though. Both guns accomplish the same thing for the same purpose.


for fun we should each make a vid of our guns reloading as fast as possible and see who wins! lol you game?

Alright, sure. I still have the gun actually as I couldn't be bothered to make anything else yet. And the rule is we start as if we just got done firing off the last clip? Good luck.

i posted my vid on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xvSIDWYbTc

I thought you said something else for a second....

the clip dosent hold the ammo in correctly and the clip dosent stay on and it fire 2 each shot besides the last few

With so many problems, I'm assuming you just didn't build it right. I have no idea though without seeing pictures.

i would give pics but i have no cam right now and i rebuilt it into killerks version and it was fine

If I might be the one to add in the pointless comment:

You can always goto 3.10 after 3.9 ;-)


Ah but that's not how decimals work. If I started at 1.01 and got to 1.09 then I could have stepped up to 1.10. I already made a 3.1. I think I'm done with the oodassault in its current form though.

It's going bye bye now. It's easy enough to build from the pictures as I didn't change anything in the back of the gun. The magazine is pretty simple. I highly recommend trying out these clips if you haven't. They do make loading incredibly fast, even faster than the bitzclip method.

Would it be allright if someone posted an ible on how to mod it? Personally, it will not be me for obvious reasons.

Of course. KK already posted his version. If someone really wants, they can show how to make the magazine. I don't really see how hard it could be just to look at my pictures though.

So are the only kind of sights the clip when it pops up? I like the gun, although I would probably extend the mag.

Well considering that the max range of this weapon doesn't require precise aiming, I didn't bother adding sights. You could add that one sight I had on the 3.7 if you want to. Otherwise it's not that hard to just line up the middle of the gun and your target.
And yeah you can easily extend it to red rod length. I think that's more bothersome than useful though. The clips make reloading pretty fast and I don't think you'll need to fire more than 10 rounds at a time. It can hold up to 13 max so if you reload whenever you get the chance, it'll almost seem like you never run out of ammo.

I guess that's true, and you probably wouldn't use this as a primary either if you were actually using it in a war.

I might. People vastly over estimate the power of range.

im still going to have to disagree with ya on that one but i do understand what your saying

I have yet to see a "sniper" winning. I see a lot of rushing from the videos I watched. Face the facts.
K'nex weren't meant for shooting. They're inaccurate and slow. Even with airsoft I find myself needing to get pretty close before I can guarantee a hit on someone. You can go finning your rods all you want, when you miss and are taking the time to recock, I will be running at you and you will have the choice to either get hit or start running. I know it's not the same thing but I've played a good number of airsoft a couple summers ago and the common trend is we'd either sit back shooting shot after shot and watching as we all managed to stay unhit. Then I brought in the first fully automatic gun and all I had to do was rush when they were recocking and then I unloaded. I won... I think pump action shotguns or fully auto RBGs (if done right) will fulfill these roles quite well if we would just perfect them instead of whoring the range weapons.

I agree with you mostly, except for the fact that in airsoft some people (including me) have a long range sniper so we can take shots from longer range and hit, but I agree with you that if you run in I would be in trouble.

i absolutely agree with you btw i played tournament paintball across the country for teams so i understand what works and why but either way range with a good ROF is hard to beat im not saying it is the end all of guns but every gun design has its purposes you know good stuff tho

Why not have us post what we think should be in version 4.0?

Well go ahead if you really think you got a brilliant idea.
The oodassaults are based around being compact and different from the rest though. I could make another series of oodammo pistols but they wouldn't replace the 3rd series.

I personally have no ideas for this gun but you said you needed some new ideas before you got to 4.0 so...yeah.

Did I? I just said I was running out of numbers as in that, following my system, can only make one more revision before I'd have to do something stupid like 3.9.5 or something.

You're not listening. All I'm saying is that it was supposed to be a joke. If I were to make more revisions, I'd soon run out of numbers. I'd make a 4 if it were different in some way. I don't know what I'd do for that yet though.

Alright I decided I might make a 4.0 after all.
Look at all the oodammo pistols we have at the moment. What would you like seeing improved in the Oodassault, MeZak, etc.?

You could remake your mp5k but have it shoot oodammo... somehow.

alternate the white rods like this to strengthen the design


7 years ago


Nice. Good to see some creativity.

Nice! it looks much easier to load now, and dont forget to POST!


7 years ago

Post it!

Oodassaults are awesome!