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Oodassault 4 Prototype Answered

Well, here's my first attempt at making my V4. It's packed with features but unfortunately it isn't reliable yet so DON'T BUILD IT! I'm probably going to end up having to totally modify it to work so I wanted to get a picture before I ended up destroying it without hopes of getting it to work.

Anywho, I don't care for block pistols but after giving it a shot, it's much easier to incorporate things like a pinlock this way. I'll start listing off the features because I don't want my entire picture to be comprised of yellow boxes.

Starting at back working to the front:
1. Uses a new pin concept that I've been working with. There's a red connector connected to the pin, and then the yellows are connected as show to absorb the force. In theory, this should mean that because the force isn't transferred to the connection of the pin and the band holder, it shouldn't require any sort of other force suppressors to keep the pin in. However, it does make a loud clap so I'm probably going to try adding rubber bands around the connectors (but not around the pin) to quiet it.
2. I finally added a pin lock. I'm bleh on it though as it requires a broken orange in the barrel (I just have these pieces "naturally' so I figured most K'nexers would) and a band to ensure it works, but it works nonetheless and it adds almost no friction from the way it's on.
3. I stole KSC's idea for wheels. I'm not sure how much it'll help but I figured, eh, it doesn't hurt.
4. It uses the bullpup trigger idea from my PDR so that I can have a more compact weapon with good power.
5. The handle is from my new UMP and was added to give a more comfortable angle. It also is three layers with no white rods needed. It's decent as far as comfort goes.
6. Finally, it has a tilting mag that's right in front of the handle, so it's easy to access. The problem is I need to make a better pusher and figure out a lock for the new pusher. I think the barrel is part of it because I went back to the old blue rod style. The gun isn't reliable at all.
7. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that I'm experimenting with adjustable sights. I didn't make adjustable sights for this gun, per se, but rather I added multiple folding sights that are at the same height, taller than the front sight. This means that the closer the rear sight you use, the more of an angle the gun has. I doubt this'll be useful at all but there was room so I just threw them in there much like the wheels.

And that's that. The feel of the weapon is pretty nice. It's balanced. But yeah, that's all I've got to say.


The gun itself is great, but the mag seems to be a problem.

I greatly improved the base of the gun with the repeating shotpistol I made. The magazine is always what's iffy, though.

I agree with you 100%. The mag is iffy on this gun. The ShotPistol is a great gun though.

It wasn't really so bad. The problem was more with the barrel on this gun. Still, it was a pain trying to put a magazine on the Shotpistol body, hence why it turned into a shotpistol instead of the DERPZ. I still have the body, though (never ended up even touching my K'nex since ripping the side off) so I may give it another shot before moving on.

Either way, this gun is a great gun to use if you can get the mag to work right. =)

I heart the sliding trigger.

Ditto, that's why I wish I could've made a gun with this body before I ended up destroying it. It also somewhat displays my fully automatic sling idea. Imagine the back of the gun is now the front and the sling is on top (and of course the trigger wouldn't interfere) As the band passes around the trigger up top, it pushes the piston below back and into the real trigger mechanism causing it to fire only after the last round was fired. You could adjust the RoF by playing with the the distance to the piston "trigger."

I didn't really get it. Diagrams maybe?

And because you won't be tempted to read all of that, just read the first and the last paragraph.


Just kidding I read the whole thing.

Grr it's not that hard at all. Imagine a typical RBG mechanism. Now imagine a piston connected to the trigger that goes to the front of the gun as if you were moving the trigger up. Now, attach a lever so it rotates in the middle of the body connected to the piston and so the other end sticks up into the barrel. That means when the band from the current shot hits the lever, it drives the piston back into the trigger to fire the next shot. So the next shot is triggered by the left over energy of the previous shot.

It's actually a pretty simple design. There are two main things I need to figure out with it though:
1. I need an RBG mech that takes as little force as possible to operate. The power of one accelerating band needs to overcome the friction of maybe eight more shots pressing on the trigger mech.
2. I need an external trigger connecting the piston and the internal trigger mechanism. This is so that you can make the gun fire fully automatically only when you hold the trigger. This wouldn't be that hard actually just by bridging the connection when the trigger is pulled down. However, I also have to make it so that the first trigger pull will fire a shot and the rest of the shots will be fired by the piston until you let go of the trigger. I'm thinking I'd make something like Ooda's semi auto trigger where you pull back the trigger and it'd push a pin into the internal trigger mech. Once pulled all the way back, it would reset the pin which would allow the piston to push it once again. However, when the external trigger is forward, it wouldn't allow the piston to push it back.

You could make a sputter gun without a special trigger mech, but that wouldn't be useful. Though I might just have to do it to display the fully automatic concept.

You want a simple challenge? Make me a near frictionless RBG mechanism for me and claim credit for it in my gun that I'm hoping to be revolutionary. It'll be a simple build, but you just gotta figure out how to do it. I've given up. Test it by hooking a few bands to just some off place to represent the barrel. Then put a band around the trigger and pull it until the mech cycles. As soon as the band stretches, the trigger should be pulled if you made a good mech.

I get it. I'm a bit tired right now (1AM lol) so I can't think of anything, but I'll get back to you if I do.

I built it. It's suckssssss.(;

I really think it could look better. I think its too long. I think that may be the problem of why it shoots two at once. Is the trigger strong because it looks like it could break easy. I don't see how the pin lock works. Could you post a picture of the insides?

It's long to accommodate the trigger. I didn't mind because then it'd use the full pin length. This would result in more power but I won't know until it's redesigned to fire reliably. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter because from the handle it's actually shorter than nearly all other oodammo pistols. Technically, it's only a red connector longer than your V2 and my Oodast 3.5+. But because I think range is overrated and I like compactness, I might change this if possible with my next version.
The trigger is solid. It works on the principle physics of leverage. That is, it has a greater movement for the trigger pull than the movement of the pin blocker, and this makes it easier to pull the trigger. I haven't tried more bands, but it'll definitely be solid with at least 3 bands.
The pin lock is simply a light grey connector held in loosely with the white rod and then with a band to hold it against the pin. I'm going to look into improving this method. Basically, this allows the pin to glide against it with little friction but will easily catch when cocked.

This is just an idea, but I know when I've made pistols like this if the ram doesn't go at least half way over the mag it tends to be less reliable. I find the ram needs to go to the middle of the red connector to get maximum reliability. It doesn't really need to go much farther than that though. Just something to think about.

I like the mag by the way. You say it has a problem loading straight. Maybe if you made a pusher that went the full size of the ammo it would load better.

Actually, now that I think about it, I wanted to argue the same thing to the KIers all the way back when I made the Oodassault V2. I figured the pin going over the magazine would help keep the second round from interfering. I never thought about it since. But I think you can get a gun to work just fine like this if the rest is set up right, though, yes, it would help to have a little extra pin. I already remade the gun last night. I added a rod barrel and it worked better, but I still need to figure out a decent mag pusher. I think I might abandon this as an oodammo weapon and turn it into my BAW2 or something though.

I think it does help. I think it's possible to have a connector barrel work, but I like the rod barrels better. Try the mag pusher and lock on the V2 of the TBAP. I don't think you should give of the V4 there are a lot of Oodammo innovations yet to be made.

Well the MeZak has a connector-wide barrel, and a lot of guns used them before we even came up with the rod-wide barrels. But there's really no reason to use a connector barrel for a gun firing rod-wide ammo other than structural benefits. In my case, it was the trigger, but I managed to put it into my new barrel. Still, the gun isn't reliable the way it is. I don't think I'll go any further with this design. I may recycle parts for a new gun but I'll have to go with something else for a V4.

I think oodammo pistols are a mature technology though. It's mostly picking preferences now. In order to add more features, you need a bigger weapon. As for me, I'm satisfied with the Oodassault 3.7/8 but I wanted to see what I could do with making a featureful (I'm making that a word now) weapon.

This looks really great!

oh! and i almost forgot, but i dont like the grey rod rom, but having a red rod ram for pistols is just my preference (i cant believe i forgot to tell you that when you posted a forum for developing it.

Physics: longer ram = more acceleration time = more momentum before hitting the bullet = more range. This gun was designed to maximize the pin use as much as possible. However, that's much more trouble than it's worth. And I'm satisfied with the range on the previous oodassault. I'm done with this weapon anyways. I don't know what to build, though.

one last thing, i found the secret note!!!!! yay me!

cool! i do agree with killer~safecracker though, i will tell you wat i do like and wat i dont. i like the ram end and the wheel like safe cracker's, the yellow rod mag, and the trigger mech behind the handle. i dont like how long it is and that is about it though, so i deffinately like it more than wat i wouldnt


7 years ago

looks great!

There are lurkers viewing and rating but no one posting. >_>
Oh well, I'll let my UMP get the attention for now. I really need to figure out what to do with this, though. I was so bummed to finally finish it and find out it wasn't reliable. Though I'm thinking I might keep and use the gun's base for a BAW2 or something.