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Open Note To Those Who Are Harassing Others Answered

. I don't know if y'all realize it or not, but most of y'all have left enough hints as to who you really are that a motivated person could track you down without a whole lot of effort. If that same person has a White Knight complex, it could mean serious problems for you. . As far as I know, no one like that exists on Ibles, but are you willing to take the risk? If I were you, I'd find another way to get my jollies. . Just another tip from Ol' Uncle Nacho. ;)


A specific individual has just come to my notice. They've had my warning.

He has been dealt with. I'm thinking of "Power".

You mean do-not-turn-off-power is banned again???

But he's been awfully quiet since.

He's either left, learned his lesson, or he's using that illicit extra identity.

Not that I was hinting or anything.

If somebody higher up this thread knows Power's new identity, they may like to remind him that a repeat of his behaviour will not be tolerated, and that he owes some people a proper apology.

Amazingly enough, I just received a rather contrite (if KK bashing) apology in the form of a PM from DNTOTP. Halleujah!

Goodness me - there's a turn up for the books. Perhaps there's hope after all.

Yes-amazingly, he claims that he got your message and was simply busy with school, swordmaking and babysitting (!) and that's why it's taken so long, and that he didn't ignore it thinking you "didn't have the guts to report him to eric." (paraphrasing slightly but that's the general thought) I will be quite glad if he truly does mean it...I'm a little gun-shy from ~~coolz~~ ~~Radioactive~~ DJ Radio, but hey, if he turns over a new leaf, great...

no, i mourn his death, as that is one less person to joke with

he doesnt know that he is unbanned, especially that i told him i thought it was permanent

It needed to be done. His antics got creepier and creepier. I'm going to delete some of his comments about his sister. I'm not even positive he was a 13 year old kid. That level of perversion usually comes from a well aged weirdo.

Oh boy, I just stumbled across the comments you were talking about. How disgusting.

Yep, and I think the worst two or three were removed!

I literally feel ill just reading those. Man, I hope he leaves!

Yeah, Those are not normal comments for a 13 (or any age!) year old guy. This community can certainly do without that.

There are so many perverted people in the world...it's scary...

Yeah, If he was kidding, it wasn't funny. If he wasn't kidding, he needs mental help!

Wuh? Dang I hate missing important things..

Yeah. He's back, hopefully he'll leave everyone alone now.

He made comments about his sister? Glad I didn't see those. I don't even wanna know. You have admin powers already? Or just on your orangeboard like the rest of us mere mortals? ;)

That's a creepy thought, one that had crossed my mind before...

Do you know his new identity? PM me, I'll keep a monitoring eye on him.

No, I wish I did though. If you can trust Dj radio, it's a couple weeks older than the power account. I'll let you know if I find out. If he does it again, maybe they can ban his IP. Because I feel certain he will do it again. I hope not, but if I were a betting woman, I'd bet on it.

DJ Radio? Somebody else uses a very similar avatar occasionally...

Now there's an interesting theory-coolz/radioactive/DJ radio = DNTOTP?

Hmmm...at the risk of getting flamed again, this alleged theory might have alleged value, hypothetically, and having no practical application to the real world whatsoever besides the stated forumulae.

I can tell a little too much difference. I'm 95% sure English is Powers' second language. I'm pretty sure it's first language for the "Trinity of Evil". JK, Radio!

Selamat jalaan! (That's one of the very few Indo-Malay) expressions I learned while living in that neck of the woods.)

It's like "Good travels." Selamat siang is like "welcome" or "good day". I just say "selamat" as it's a general blessing ore welcome.

You might be right. I don't know, I thought they were pretty similar though...

Definitely similar, but it'd have to be a very skilled individual to fake some of it.

I hope I am wrong and you are correct. Because it would be terribly creepy to have a guy like that on here...

IP's can be changed too. It is sad that we have to get into this at all *sigh*

Actually I just flagged it. It was on one of my forums.

> That level of perversion usually comes from a well aged weirdo. . There is absolutely no reason to drag me into all this.