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Open Source Banquet hall Answered

I want help in designing and architect map of Banquet hall.

I have provided sketch that I have made but I think that sketch is ordinary so need support from enthusiasm people who want to work on open source project.

I am inviting everyone from computer to electronics to architect that is every one is invited to join the project.

All the dimension are in foot in the image.

Main requirements for Banquet hall are as follows:

1:Hall for main ceremony,capacity for at least 300 people and it will also have stage.

2:Rest room for at least 200 people separate for men and women.

3:Two extra rooms for bride and groom side or for main peoples.

4:Kitchen for food production.

5:Parking for at least 150 vehicles.

6:Separate toilets for men and women.

7:Pace for people to eat.

8:Building can have 2-3 floors.

9:All of the above will be interconnected (IOT) for example:

smart water taps,smart parking,led light show,decorative walls,led light screen passage,

whole building will be wrapped in LED for great light show,inside lights will be sync with songs

floor will or ceiling will be wrapped with gaint led screen for different patterns and motions,

flammable fireworks outside and non-flammable fireworks inside during ceremony,

led dance floor.

10:All of led projects will be diy,taps will be diy,parking will be diy and everthing will be diy.

I think this will be largest open source DIY project.

Everyone feel free to contact me at: rajgmaurya29@gmail.com

ping me on whatsapp: +91 9616481277

Also need people who can render our ideas from paper to VR and 3D design in any software.

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rickharris (author)2018-02-20

ODD, every architect I have ever dealt with (several) has always had firm ideas of what they are going to do even if they are wrong!.

All of them under 40 can also use the CAD software to render their drawings.

Something not quite right here or at least not the full story.

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rickharris (author)rickharris2018-02-20

As a helpful suggestion you need to research as many similiar places as you can find on the internet, searching for wedding venues will help. If you looking for older styles look to countries such as the UK where we have an overabundance of stately homes.



just happens to be our local big house.

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Raj GauravM (author)rickharris2018-02-20

As you can see in the image I provided that I don't have much space.

In India people want everything from nothing.

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Raj GauravM (author)rickharris2018-02-20

Yes I can render but I have my exams from March 5 so I am not getting enough time.

So I posted it on forum so I can find people who can help me.

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