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Operate 12v air pump using 12v 8ah battery with relay? Answered

Hello guys I want to connect a 12v electric air pump to a 12v 8h battery with a relay microcontroller.   The air pump has receptacle for a cigarette lighter. Is it possible I can  remove the receptacle and connect the wires to the relay? I want the air pump to turn on every 15 minutes. The battery will be connected to the relay also. Sorry I dont have any electrical experience.  Any help would be appreciated


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rickharris (author)2017-05-12

With no electrical knowledge I would buy a 12 volt timer unit.

See diagram for wiring. Click to see full size.

Amazon lists lots of timers.


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iceng (author)rickharris2017-05-12

Nice circuit schematic Rick.

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Downunder35m (author)2017-05-12

These air pumps are usually dirt cheap and use a lot of power to produce little air.
If yours falls into this category than the pump won't run for long (or often) on a single charge of the battery.

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