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Operating system's problem Answered

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It is indeed very good to have discussion on operating system's. I have one problem. I am having windows xp Home Professional. This was purchased during 2002 without SP2. Every time I format my system, I have to request customer care Microsoft to activate the key. It has become a major problem. Recently I formatted my PC and reloaded the operating system and then download the SP2 and other updates. The operating system has been loaded in C drive. I noticed that this operating system has occupied nearly 20 GV space in my PC. I feel it is much more than the regular one. I want to know from the learned forum that this much space is required, if not how to check and reduce the excess space occupied in my c drive. I do not know how to deleted the unwanted or duplicated files in windows operating system. Please guide me for a lay man like me. I do not wish to format my system to avoid downloading all the updates including sp2. Please guide me. regards, BalaTV

. Go to the Add or Remove Programs control panel and get rid of anything you don't need. While there, click on Add/Remove Windows Components and get rid of anything you don't need. . Change the space used by System Restore from the System control panel. . Look in your WINDOWS directory and you will find a bunch of folders with names like $NtUninstallKB939683$. These are from the updates and can usually be deleted without harm. Do this at your own risk. . BTW, my WINDOWS directory has 3.48GB (2.89GB "Size on disk") of stuff in it.

Thank you very much for immediate reply. I checked windows folder. The folder name $NtUninstallKB939683$ has occupied only 888KB and it is in spunist folder. If is delete this I will save only 888kb only what about rest? I checked through the properties of windows folder it shows the space as 21GB.

. Not just that one folder. Using DOS wildcards, it would be all the $NtUninstall*$ directories. Sorry about the confusion. . If you don't plan on uninstalling SP2 (I can't imagine why anyone would), it should be safe to delete the whole spuninst directory. It would probably be wise to ZIP the folder, before you delete it, and hang on to the ZIP for a few weeks to see if anything bad happens. Same for the $NtUninstall*$ directories. I've never run into problems, but you never know. . I don't remember ever checking the size of WINDOWS after a fresh install, so I'm not sure, but 21GB sounds awful high, since I've run XP Pro on 8GB HDDs. . Are you installing Windows from a Microsoft disc or one that came with your computer? I know Dell is bad about installing a lot of unneeded crap.

> I know Dell is bad about installing a lot of unneeded crap. . I just found out that Dell is now shipping systems with a "Do not install extras" option. Hurray for Dell!

.  What do you base that statement on? I have used Dells for years with very few problems. There may be better computers and/or deals, but I have been quite pleased with my Dells.
.  PS: You replied to a comment that is two-and-a-half years old.

Believe me, I've had my experience with Dell. I had an Optiplex GX260 that suddenly just crashed after about one and a half years. 2651 bad sectors on the hard drive to be exact.

.  Sorry, but I don't see one bad HDD as being enough to damn the whole company over.
.  I have a Dell running in the next room that is ~10 years old and has only had mechanical parts (HDD, floppy, CD) replaced (RAM and PSU have been upgraded, but not because they went bad). My current "main" computer is a ~4 year old Dell with zero repairs.
.  My Dad is running a Dell desktop and 7-8 Dell laptops with very few problems.
.  Dells may not make the best computers (or may, it depends on who you ask), but they certainly make some good ones.

Replying to this this far passed is rather silly. But I too have had bad experiences with Dell, going back years. If you replace the drives and upgrade the RAM there really won't be too much of a problem. Most of my problems are the crappy components they use. 4 completely irreparable factory installed hard drives in Dell computers.
On the Plus side I too have a dell computer that is around 10 years that has worked with no problems with nothing replaced. the 1:4 good bad ratio has kinda swayed me. I've been through countless Dell Laptops also.
They do make decent computers and have wonderful support.
Minus the Support I'd say a home built with good components would be a better option.
I haven't found a "good" brand name computer that works for me yet.
I won't damn the company but then again I don't have much love for any computer company but I do love my computers. I have 9 running in my house now, 4 Dell, 2 Gateway, 1 frankensteined together, 1 Acer, and 1 Home built. 7 in pieces to be repaired.

it definitely should not be that high. my install is ~3GB and i have had it installed since january. thats with sp2 and all updates, and from a dell cd. installing from an actual disk... hmmm... was anything besides windows installed? it really should not be anywhere close to being that high.

Strange. Windows XP should only take about one and a half gigs of hard drive space. You aren't counting the updates too, are you? Programs installed with Windows XP shouldn't take too much space (Media Player, Movie Maker, Paint, etc.).

Thank you very much for the reply. I will use DOS wildcards and let you know. As suggested, I will zip the folders. I am Installing farm a Microsoft disc purchased with valid key.

Home Professional? There's Home, and there's Professional. No Home Professional unless you're talking about Home Premium, but that's Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Thanks. Other drives are OK. I am storing downloaded Music and movies photos etc.

Mostly I am on line in the morning 7 and in the evening from 6 PM today I have a meeting so I would be on line from 9-30 pm. I am from India.

how would i know to recover from unwanted space which have been occupied in C-drive

While typing my browser seems to freeze up as though I am typing faster then it can transfer the

. Oh! I've also seen this happen when stuff is swapped in/out of the page file - try unloading some apps. . . I've never been able to type faster than the computer can take it, even the 1 MHz Apple //e's (I don't touch type), but I could out type a 110 bps modem on a good day. :)

well, this started happening first with the Netscape browser (no matter where I was typing) and now Firefox and Flock both do it. I hope I don't have "extra" things running (that shouldn't be).

. If you're running Windows, give your computer the three finger salute (ctrl-alt-del) and check out the Processes tab. Look under the CPU column for anything taking up a lot of CPU ticks.

Yeah, WIN XP home, for now. The first time I did that, a few days ago, my firewall was running at full blast (not downloading, not scanning.....*shrug*), but yesterday when I did it (I check this pretty often), the only thing running at 98-99% was system idle. It's almost spooky. LOL

> firewall was running at full blast . Which firewall are you using? I can't think of any reason for a firewall to hog all the CPU time. I'd think about re-installing the firewall (although it may be something else causing the FW to work so hard). . Grab 3-4 of the free virus/malware scanners (none of them are perfect) and see if you've caught something. I keep Windows Defender and Avira AntiVir loaded and will use random others when I think I need to.

I have Avast! running, and Windows Defender. I also have one or two others I use on occasion (Ad-aware, etc for the spyware), but truth be told, the firewall from CheckPoint picks up more than any of the others combined. Now, on the Firewall running out of control that one day, I think I know what might have caused that: I had just installed the DSL I had purchased and it tried to install a firewall and then wanted me to delete MY firewall. I finally had to remove it from the Start menu and clean up the Registry to keep it from coming up (for sure as shootin, my wife would accidentally click on OK and it would wipe my firewall. I still have 2 years I have paid for to go with them.

. It's not unusual for a malware app to use a lot of CPU time during a scan. Some apps will allow you to give them a lower priority, so as not to slow down your machine so much. . I've never used CheckPoint, so not sure how it works. Still can't imagine why it would need to hog the CPU.

I have discovered the problem, but am struggling to fix it (since I don't have a "recovery disk"). The Owner profile got hosed. That was my profile. I have since created 3 more, one admin; and two limited ones for surfing purposes. The admin one should be able to "see" the Owner profile, but it can not. And in the "profile list" it is locked out of any access (oh, I can still signon, but I can't open any of the folders or anything). *sigh*

BTW: Checkpoint merged with ZoneAlarm....I liked the free version so much I paid for a 2 year license to it.

. Oh! I've been using ZA (the freebie version) for well over a year now and really like it. Guess I need to check out their web site and see what's going on. Thanks for the heads up.

On top of my own liking of it, my place of business uses CheckPoint, the commercial version.

Yeah, i reminds me of memory shortages I had with my old computer, using WIN98se. Now I have 1 gig of memory and WIN-XP as an OS Maybe I have too much "starting" and running ? Hmm, only 69 processes - yeah guess that is it....

> only 69 processes . Wow!!!!! I consider the machine I'm on right now to be bloated and I've only got 48 processes running - a lot of that due to BOINC. I like to see low- to mid-30s.

. I've seen this happen when there is a big load on the CPU, eg, during a virus scan. If this is happening during normal operation, I suspect a malware infection.

Hmm... try this... Whenever I run compiz, I get errors. I have a dual head setup.

Don't worry -- I didn't expect you to give me an answer ;-) Good luck with that, although I generally advocate individual threads, so everyone can help. We're a very helpful community ;-)

or just use linux ... no problems -ever (ok some, but way less than winblow$$) The box said vista or BETTER, so I installed LINUX!!!

Do u have any problem with your linux, xp etc ..?? Then tell me I will tell u the answer.

. OK. Try this one. How can I run Windows file sharing and a software-controlled RAID5 (or RAID2) at the same time? I tried it with Ubuntu, SciLinux, and a few others, but couldn't figure it out and went back to my WinXP Pro and hardware-controlled RAID setup. I could get one or the other to work, but not both at the same time. I'd prefer a GUI configuration (so I can play around with Linux), but command line will do. . Yes, I know software RAID is a lot slower, but file serving is all this machine does and the speed hit will not be a problem for me. I bought a spare RAID card, but don't like depending on hardware that may be unavailable/unsupported next year.

> The box said vista or BETTER, so I installed LINUX!!! . ROFL Now that's funny - I don't care who ya are.