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Opinion sought on Horney Toad entry.... Answered

I would like to have some opinions on my entry into the Make up a Sport contest.

I really am not looking for a lot of "hits" from this, just so I get some opinions on it from a few perspectives. Thanks: Entry Link: Cheese Racing


Well, I hate to be mean but I have a few criticisms. You should actually make the ramp, and then take some pictures of it. Add a few more steps rather than just a picture of lol catz from the internet. You should put a little bit more time into it.

Done, although I hadn't the resources to do the job on it I wanted too...*sigh*

Any suggestions on material to use? I am running out of time and don't have much to work with....

I may have to fudge on the Stainless steel however. I haven't got the expense account for that at the moment, but again, thank you for your input...I will do my best to get it constructed asap.

That is not mean, that is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for, constructive criticism Thank you very much :-)

Reads title.

(Decides it must be a complicated pun)

Reads ible.

(Realises the title wasn't a pun)


You have got to include a video with that, but not a real one - do a stop-motion car-chase, but it's cheeses racing around your counter-top.

WHOA ! After working all day yesterday on a prototype ramp, I then spent 4 hours trying to get enough pics to make the video; made the video (it is not very good) and then could not upload it to YouTube.....I spent HOURS doing that....to no avail. I had to recompile it several times before I got it small enough to go up without Horrible distortion (it wasn't uploading at all last night).

ANYWAYS, it is there at the Cheese race Link in case anyone is interested.

Hmm, I will have to figure out how to do that with my current equipment....sounds like fun though....thanks for the idea.

Especially if I can figure a way to synchonize a racing commentary in the background: ...and the Swiss is making good time, while Cheddar is keeping a sharp eye on Limburger who is thankfully bringing up the rear... LOL

Simply take the photos, about half a centimetre for smooth motion and about an inch of movement per shot for the nice jerky style motion we love... There are a tonne of programs that'll compile them, such as monkeyjam...

Thanks for the tip. I have downloaded that and will have to find some time to, um, monkey around with it :-)

Not a complex program but it spits out a file a little larger than youtube res and then just use any other edit software for sound, also it's very simple to use...

Monkey around goodhart! monkey around! not your usual standard, something about flinging poop out, just for youtube

something about flinging poop out, just for youtube

Ok, that one went by my with the greatest of ease (?) :-)

Ok, I thought it was a social (or unsociable ;-) comment on my pun :-)

...still rummaging around for materials to use....