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Optimisation of pneumatics Answered

another interesting thing I found through research, a flaw in most over-under designs and pressurizing the stock, I have found that for every 90 degree elbow between the chamber and the barrel the resistance to the air is the same as adding 20 feet of straight pipe, this can be changes by using two 45 degree fittings put together to make a gentler turn or by using curved fittings instead of elbows, the gentler the turn the better. From this I have found that the simple straight cannon with the chamber directly behind the barrel as is shown in the picture below (please note this cannon is one I found from Google just to emphasize the point, and this is in pneumatics only). also to increase efficiency look at my other topic:


(once again if you have found my research incorrect please tell me, I wont get fired up =)


I plan to build one like this: The second pic shows the breech load. The red ball valve would be replaced by a 12-24VDC solanoid valve.

WBL 2.pngWBL 2 breech load.png

What have you used to design that. Like what program?

It is called Google SketchUp. Like Google Earth, it downloads free from Google (just don't get Google SketchUp Pro- it's about $500), and is a lot like a 3D paint program. It's extremely easy to learn/master, and there are even plugins with built-in physics engines that allow sketchup to make cool demonstrations (sketchyphysics-also free). I also encourage you to see my SketchUp group here on instructables.com! As of right now, I'm slowly learning to use a program called Blender (yes, Blender is free too).

SketchUp- http://sketchup.google.com/
Blender- http://www.blender.org/

Thanks alot that's great. I've got autocad but its too complex. Cheers Mat

correct. The front-back design is much more efficient; bending airflow means losing significant psi (also to increase the power of the gun, i suggest replacing the ball valve with a solanoid valve to decrease the time it takes for the air to come through (you could also check ssc.com for a better explantion of how this works)

Your description is correct. If you want to use jargon to impress newbies, try "impedance mismatch."

wow, that's some nice jargon, thank god for Wikipedia otherwise I'd have to suffer the embarrassment of asking you what it meant! thanks for the confirmation ( I cant be too sure I'm only 13)

oh wow just visited,the site is kinda over whelming I'm gunna join

If you haven't already, check out spudfiles.com.