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Option for Flagging copied content instructable Answered

I opened up the site and saw this great looking lamp instructable on the homepage (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Recycled-TetraBox-Lamp/)

I really liked it and thought of putting up a comment when I saw that in a previous comment, another user mentioned seeing the exact same images and content before in another place.

It's nothing new that people are blatantly copying content(which might be copyrighted too) for winning prizes, but these appearing on the main homepage is a little disappointing. Another example of such project getting featured on homepage was a 9V-battery top spy bug instructable some time back.

I understand the instructable staff can't keep knowledge of every project ever posted, and to feature only the original ones. But can we have an option to flag as "Blindly Copied" with link to original work, so the instructable staff can check and remove it? None of the current flag categories match the requirement,


If you see content like that, flag as "inappropriate". You also have the option of dropping an email to HQ on service@instructables.com

Thanks kiteman! I was thinking inappropriate would exclusively refer to something like NSFW content.

No, it's a catch-all for anything that shouldn't be on the site.