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Ordering Custom Textiles Answered

Hey everyone. I'm trying to recreate the vest from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I know it sounds strange, but I really want that vest. I've been obsessing over it for a long time.

Now, I look at the vest on display, and I can't decide if it's a knitted vest or made out of fabric, like sewn together. It looks like it has an elastic band around the waist and a black collar, so I think it might be sewn. But I can't get that fabric anywhere.

Is there any way to order custom textiles that ISN'T Spoonflower.com? I don't want printed textiles, but something woven. 

Can someone point me in the right direction? I have no idea where to even look, mostly because I don't know the terminology.



I'm thinking that the "real" version is machine knitted?

Could be machine knitted, but I just looked at the picture above and really looked at the inside of the back piece. If that was machine knitted, the inside pattern would not be so distinct as the different coloured yarn would be carried along behind the stitches.

Kitewife agrees with "machine-knit" - machine-knit jumpers I've seen for sale don't have the coloured strands across the back.

Awesome, I'm so glad you could help me with this mystery. How much do you know about machine knitting? Would you be willing to answer some questions?

Also, while the vest itself is machine knitted, I'm assuming that the collar and waistband are sewn on? Only the pattern is knitted, not the black parts?

Me? Know about knitting? About as much as the next bloke who had to follow his wife around the clothing departments...

All the knitting that happens anywhere near me is (a) hand knitting and (b) done by my wife.

If you're after specific knitting advice, I'd start a new topic with an appropriate title. I reached the end of my expertise at 9:41 above. All else is googled.

It looks knitted to me.

I'll check with Kitewife and get back to you.

Is it possible that it's knitted and the bands are sew on?

I think so - knit the fabric and edges separately, then sew together.

Call me crazy, but is that a red tag on there? If this is a mass produced item, I'd love to find out the brand!

Here is a different image of the vest. Looking at this one, you can see that the bands at least are NOT knitted, so I'm guessing it was all fabric now, which takes us back to the original question about getting custom fabric!