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Original Xbox fried, any ideas? Answered

I seem to have fried my original  Xbox but I tested the power strip and the cord is fine, are there any other things that could make my Xbox not power on?


PSU went on ours last year, cost about 20 USD to replace it.


Look for bad solder joints on all of the electronic components.
Poke around Xbox forums to see if anybody else has had  the same
problem and managed to fix it.

If all else fails you may want to consider re-flowing:

Figure out what's fried by troubleshooting with an online guide... Then you can either fix it, or (as is most likely the case) since you're not an electronics engineer, you could profit by selling the parts that aren't fried on eBay, as X-Box replacement parts.

What did you do to it? Is any part of it powered up, e.g. lights / fan?


Any of a hundred failures.

Rip all the guts out and throw a new computer in there...or a vcr.  Do something fun with it.