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Ostrich eggs! Answered

While me and my family are having a holiday in Devon, UK, we came across a local store that sell real Ostrich eggs! This is my first time in my life seeing a ostrich egg, my dad brought one and ostrich eggs are said to taste like normal chicken eggs and a single ostrich egg has a average serving of 18 - 24 chicken eggs... I wonder if anybody has ostrich eggs in their area and ever eaten one...


They look very tasty

I don't know, but I can tell you something different... Before we eat the egg, it went bad, so my dad got rid - by draining it down the drain, and the whole house smells like a stink bomb that can easily choke you, and the smell did not go away for hours... uck All I can tell you is if you let an ostrich egg go bad, it stinks - bad.

Did you do anything interesting with the shell?

What the? I gave it a specific phrase! Why did it just show the URL?!!!

Ugh, why do I get so many comments! While I was inactive for about a month, I get like 10 comments a day, when I came back, I get bombarded with 20 to 30 comments a day! Why?! (no offence, you just seem to be the right person for me to say this, lol) Umm, I don't know what happen to the shell, it is probably to stinky to use it anyway.

Shells wash... I don't know about the comments - I've been away about a day and a half, I've got about 50 comments to catch up on, but I'm off to bed now (00:42hrs, Internationally metricalised Kite-time)

Yes, you can buy that egg for £8.25 + shipping price + gas price. Or You could try steal an egg from the bitey ostriches...

LOL!!! How much is that in American? Just wondering. I know for sure I ain't gonna order/buy one, but just for some useless info for me.

About $116.50, ostrich eggs are quite expensive...

OOPS! Typo! I meant $16.50 NOT $116.50.

OH MY GOD!!! Buy me one and I will pay for shipping :D jk

You crazy? Do you have any idea how much money it cost just to send an egg over the sea to America?!?

I pay for the egg, you pay for shipping

What if I pay for the egg, the shipping, and a box of your hair?

Hair! You want to buy my hair! Your weird...

... Sorry bout the "teeheehee" thing... errmmm... I drank a Mountain Dew that had Ginseng and 76g of sugar... so I cou;dn't control myself. Sorry!

We used to have some ostriches, but I never got to actually hold one. I saw em from a distance. They were as big as my head! And I have a very big head....

Im Too drunkkk tto tassty this chicken

I used to have ostriches. Well, technically my neighbor, but I visited them... Ostriches are bitey.....

Ostriches are bitey.....
I guess it is because they are trying to protect their eggs?

You're not fun, B/c of your lack of, skill for making pun(s)

Hmm, I have never been bitten, but they are like Emus, they like to spit too.

Thats cheap Ostrich eggs, Pity cant get local here

I have never had the eggs, but I HAVE had Ostrich burgers before. Low in fat and tasty too (no, they DON'T taste "just like chicken" LOL).

Mmm, that sounds good... And I meant "ostrich eggs tastes like chicken eggs"!