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Other recommendations for Test Amp? Answered

First off - thanks for this course! I'm having lots of fun exploring an area which I know nothing about. Question - Do you have any other recommendations for a "test amp", other than the one offered by RadioShack? It looks like it was so popular that they are sold out and/or they have discontinued it.

My internet search has shown a wide variety of mini-amps (for guitars, for cellphone testing, etc.) which range widely in price. While I understand the reason for the amp (your explanation on its usefulness is very helpful), I haven't progressed far enough in my lessons to have used one yet and would like to have the "right" one (meaning - if it doesn't work as you describe it, then I'm fairly certain its something I've done wrong and need to figure out, versus I got the wrong amp and its a technology issue...not a user error)

Thank you in advance!

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-05-04

I see. It is because Radioshack has finally gone out of business.

The problem with mini guitar amps is that they don't have an amplified output.

You can get something like this, but you would have to get and connect your own speaker on the output:


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mroth12 (author)randofo2017-05-04