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Other than composting, what can I do with a lot of grass? Answered



Thoroughly dry and grind the grass, extract the chlorophyll with alcohol or acetone, and let the solvent evaporate to leave chlorophyll paste or powder.

Sell this to high school biology teachers, ravers (it fluoresces red under UV), and people who dye their own yarn.

If you used pure ethanol for the extraction, you might even find someone who thinks it is a miracle nutrition supplement. (Dark green foods are good, so the thing that makes them green must be even better, right? Nevermind the fact that food molecules are chopped up into tiny little pieces before being absorbed.)

Doobies. Lots and lots of doobies. Call your friends, rent some Cheech and Chong, and go to town.

Oh, wait, you mean you cut your lawn, didn't you? Never mind...

I like your thinking but it was from my lawn

you should be careful when composting grass- it makes a lot of heat and gas- sometimes setting your compost on fire.... personally i think you should get a pet pig- then you wont have to deal with any more lawn clippings

You could turn it into composting then dirt then put it on your roof. get some grass seed plant the grass seeds on your roof. help it grow with some more of that mulch stuff then make a small fence. buy some baby goats. Raise them on your fresh healthy grass on your roof. People will come from from thousands of miles to see your goats on the roof.


9 years ago

Add tape for big green furry wigs, mustaches, beards, chest hair.

Feed it to a passing goat?

Mix with mud and make a hut? Make a big smoky fire? Weave it together and make stuff...rugs, skirts, roofs...