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Ouch, bad week for me. Answered

This week pretty much sucks so far. To fill everybody in, I bought myself a nice little gift for my birthday, a 100 inch projector TV. I'm still working on the setup, even though my birthday was in July. Things take time, unfortunately. I was planning on hooking up my desktop PC to the projector, to show pictures and whatnot, it'll be my DVD player too. I have an ATI remote wonder that'll work perfect for it. I already have it integrated into the surround sound, so all I had to do is get a 25 foot VGA cable to run from the PC to the projector. Or so I thought, until it came across my mind that I wouldn't be able to use my desktops monitor. I thought I would just make a solid state switch, but unfortunately, a VGA cable has 15 pins - I don't think they make a dual throw 15 pole switch. So the backup plan was to get a second video card, to use in conjunction with the onboard graphics to do dual monitors. I can make a simple app, and use one of the programmable buttons on the remote to switch which is the primary display. So I went shopping, and I asked a friend what he thought of this one I wanted to buy. How convenient, that he just happened to get a new one, and he would sell me his old one, which just happened to be PCIE x16, for $50.. which is less than what I was looking at, and triple the quality. I buy it, and wait 2 days from it to go from San Fransisco to my house, in central MA. I install it, it works! Yay! I install the drivers, go out for a little bit, come back... dead computer. The thing was a goner, the PS blew, and took the motherboard with it. So I called up compaq... 20 days out of warantee. Great! At that point, I thought it was just the PS. It's 300 watts, running 2 hard drives, 2 CD drives, a 3.3ghz Celeron, and an ATI x1600 graphics card. So I go shopping, pick up a 500 watt one. Come home and install it... same shit. So I knew the motherboard was blown. I look it up, a new motherboard is $200. That's how much I paid for the damn computer! So it's ebay time, I find and win the same model for $250. So yeah, so far, the cost of this week is $350. $100 from the PS. So I put the computer back together, put it on the desk. I wake up the next morning to guess what? Look at the first picture. That's right, the glass desk shattered. The desktop was on the other side, thank god, but guess what got screwed up in that nice, conveniently timed breakage? - The new PS (I exchanged it, but I had to drive an hour to Circuit City) - One hard drive, 2 weeks old. - $90 - Old school soldering iron - costed me $80 back in the day. - A whole stack of DVD-RWs - $30 - A stock of CD-Rs - $15 - A pressure gauge from my Pneumatic cannon instructable - $10 - A bunch of misc electronic parts - $20 - My damn desk! - $120 So far, $715 total. Murphy's law in action right there.



Two out of three cameras I've owned have broken in their 13th month... with a one year warranty.

 I lost a samsung jet an Ipod nano 16gb
And my new shoes....

Wow, that really sucks. Maybe something good will come from it (Win the lotto, etc). I am having some stress too. This is the second video camera to just disappear on me. The first was a ~$500 HD sports camera, which I use to film paintball. The other was a ~$100 (less just incase I found the first) camera. They are nowhere in the house, I didn't miss-place them, and if I lost them out somewhere I'd instantly know, because of my routine checks of my wallet, phone, and the cameras. I'd know if I left it somewhere. Mom insists I left the first camera in Canada, but I distinctly remember bringing it home. Why would I have even left the hotel if my camera wasn't in any of my bags, camera case, or anywhere in the hotel? I'd know it was missing. This second one just disappeared, and I know I didn't "leave it in Canada", because I haven't gone anywhere with it. *Sigh* ~$600 of really nice cameras lost.

Jezzs, that really sucks! That reminds me of an electrical accident I had a while ago, I was trying to make an 12v to 240v inverter, but something went wrong. The transformer was generating very high voltage spikes and the next thing that happened is my £30 ($60) multimeter is destroyed and the driver too got destroyed. After that the transistor that was driving the transformer got short-circuit due to the dead driver so the transistor smoked a lot and glowed red-hot... I cut off the power just before the whole thing caught on fire, the transformer too got destroyed... :( Life sucks sometimes...

Man, that sucks! I hate it when things like that happen.. a few months ago, I wasn't having one of the best weeks ever. I got kicked out of my band, well, I like quite, and other stuff.

Life does suck. Sometimes.

I hate to sound snide in the aftermath, but why didn't you just buy a VGA splitter, instead of a video card?

Because my desktop monitor's resolution doesn't go as high as the projector (1080p) So I wouldn't be able to see anything on that screen, to pull up pictures or play DVD's.

WOW, that sucks! Thats why I have a desk that is heavier than a car (ok, ONLY about 300 lbs).

Life sucks!

Bugger... And.. I've never liked glass desks....

Oh man, I'm sorry. I hope things take a turn for the better =/