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Our Own Toss It! Video Answered

We updated theToss It! Speed Contest page with our own example video. This is one of my favorite paper airplane designs and a full Instructable will be coming soon.

For now, check out the video to see what happens here at the tower.


Hahaha, the guy with the FedEx jacket. Forgot the name, is it Mitch? You guys are pretty messy. :P

Haha, yeah, that's Mitch. I remember him from the color insructable earlier. :P

Myself also! Hehe, "Mitch is a big dork."


10 years ago

Hey! That's the same one I entered! =D

Looks like a great place to work.

It does look the same. It's a great solid design. And yeah, this place is pretty fun. I got to run around and harass coworkers with paper airplanes for a little while and it was work. How cool is that?


*sigh* Maybe I'll get a chance to get my East Coast butt over there sometime....

Great video! I loved the music. It adds a nice touch!

This doesn't have to do with this forum topic, but how many more minutes/ hours will the results for the Tool Tips contest be posted? Thanks!

Nice Video! Love the office! I would love to see a tour of the instructables. That would be cool!

A tour of the whole building would be cool. Maybe when we have some spare time :)

Your office-thing is messy. Maid???

Pretty much :) They've ambushed us with Nerf before so it was payback time.


10 years ago

disqualified due to over-length video :-) So what do you guys do to generate the time-lapse effect?

Drat, we can't enter this one after all :) The footage was edited and then sped up afterwards.