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Out of range alarm Answered

I'm working on a project where I need to have a transmitter and a receiver with an alarm, so when they are apart a certain distance the alarm goes off. I need the alarm to be attached with the transmitter not the receiver, where it will be attached to a valuable stuff for example.

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rickharris (author)2018-02-20

1. It's easier to make a disturbance alarm for objects that will be laying around. For example a breakable link when objects are separated. A magnetic link could do this. Or a reed switch and magnet.

2. Although it is possible to make a distance dependent wireless "leash" it isn't easy for several reasons. My car has such a device so as I walk away it locks the doors when I get so far away from the car and unlocks then when I am close. Even in a well funded car manufacturing environment they haven't been able to make this 100% reliable.

3. http://www.circuitstoday.com/simple-proximity-dete...


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Toga_Dan (author)2018-02-18

Why do you want alarm on the transmitter.
How could the transmitter "know" that the receiver is out of range?

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randofo (author)2018-02-17

This sounds like an existing product. Try searching for 'wireless child leash.'

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