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Oven bake method on sodimm ram possible? Answered

I have done succesful oven bakes on xbox 360 board and graphic cards. Now i have a sodimm ddr 1gb ram which doesnt work. The laptop does not boot with this ram . I thought that maybe an oven bake would work. I do 8 minutes on 230 C for the xbox 360 and graphic card. Is that overkill for one little ram chip? 

thanks in advance

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BurfBest Answer (author)2012-09-27

What have you got to lose? Give it a go, it doesn't work now, if it doesn't work afterwards, chuck it in the trash with no additional loss. If it does work, you're ahead.

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la-main (author)Burf2012-09-27

It freaking worked! laptop booted right away and windows memtest couldnt find faults. You convinced me to do it burf:P

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